12 Key Elements of Hippie Decorating Style

Hippie style is all about creating an eclectic mix of colors and nature with a free-spirited blend of patterns and textures. Find the design essentials of this fun, non-conformist style.

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July 27, 2020

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Photo By: Jennifer M. Ramos

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What Is Hippie Style?

Hippie style, stemming from the counterculture of the 1960s, is more than just tie-dye and lava lamps. It is an eclectic blend of several styles. Like its design cousin boho, hippie decor incorporates many natural elements, but it is often more maximalist than boho. The use of Middle Eastern, Moroccan and Native American patterns in bold colors gives it a global flare, while the use of vintage pieces (from no particular era) touches upon the grandmillennial trend. Unexpected tchotchkes, unusual souvenirs and layers of fabrics and patterns are to be expected in a well-curated hippie space. Nature was also big to the counterculture movement, so any good hippie room will include many plants (a bit of jungalow style too!) and items made from naturals materials like geodes, bamboo and wicker. Here are the key items you need to include in your hippie space.

Wall Tapestries

Textile wall hangings are classic hippie and a great way to add a lot of personality to a room with little money. Here, the gold, fuschia and gray colors in the wall hanging are used as the room’s main color palette. Balancing the rich colors with clean-lined, modern furnishing keeps the exotic patterns and hues from becoming overwhelming and gives the room a sophisticated hippie vibe.

Killim Patterns

The handwoven look and colors of classic Turkish flat-weave kilim patterns lend a global and exotic feel to any free-spirited space. A brass tray table, bamboo furniture and lots of plants are a natural combination for the layers of kilim rugs and pillows.

Mix of Textures

There is nothing matchy-matchy in hippie style; it is all about having an eclectic collection of curated treasures. In this amazing space, the natural stone wall is the backdrop for a mix of colorful textiles and modern furnishings, while the unexpected faux (we hope) animal skins, horns and furs turn the space into a conversation piece.


Lots of Greenery

No hippie space is complete without a generous amount of greenery. Houseplants improve air quality, reduce stress and boost Feng Shui, and some studies have shown they can also help with concentration and creativity. Bonus hippie points if you name your plants – Vern the fern, Al the aloe — we could go on, but we won’t.

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Floor Cushions + Ottomans

An inviting hippie space offers a variety of seating, even on the floor. Scatter cushions, poufs and ottomans around your hippie-style room to make it a casual place to recline and relax. Bonus points if you add something recycled: this indigo ottoman is made from an upcycled tire and clothesline rope.

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A Southwest Vibe

In hippie decor, the use of Aztec and Native American patterns results in a very American Southwest feel. Here, a turquoise and sunset-colored couch cover and pillow bring in the sweet colors of a desert sky (hopefully they're machine-washable thus making them pet friendly too). Also very hippie is the mix of furniture styles. A mid-mod coffee table, side table and lamp are combined with a very traditional Colonial-style settee.


Macramé was hot in the 70s and the current resurgence is knot(!) going away any time soon. Pillows, plant hangers or a simple piece of wall art made from ribbons, rope and driftwood (perhaps found on your beach vacation) are a very budget-friendly way to add a bit of hippie style. Bonus hippie points if you have a Biggie Smalls pillow.

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Layered Rugs

To add more color and pattern to your hippie room, lay down several area rugs in no particular arrangement. Not only will they help warm the space, but they also make the floor an inviting space to sit. Bonus points if you can include a rattan swing in your hippie decor.

A Touch of Morocco

Jewel tones and brass lanterns paired with Moorish-inspired patterns and shapes are often a part of a hippie den. Here, a hand-stenciled ceiling, swinging bed and plush pillows create an exotic setting that is relaxing and exciting at the same time.

Antiques + Collectibles

Whether it’s granny’s heirloom table or a bookshelf found on the side of the road, a well-curated, well-traveled hippie space will include a variety of furnishings from different eras and design styles. Here, marble-topped side tables flank a classic leather chesterfield sofa while the oak pocket doors and a stately lawyers bookcase make a handsome backdrop. The mix of fabrics and patterns in the pillows as well as the Western-themed collectibles add to the feel of a room that has been thoughtfully curated. Bonus hippie points if you can incorporate 1970s patchwork patterns and large flowers.

Shag + Fringe

Shag carpet was born around the same time as the hippie movement. Adding fringed pillows and blankets as well as some faux fur will definitely add to the tactile hippie experience. Bonus hippie points for owning a traditional peacock chair.

Natural Grasses

Natural materials — like rattan, wicker, sisal or bamboo —are essential in a hippie-inspired space whether in the form of furniture, lighting or baskets. Here, antique bamboo furniture topped with cushions fashioned from beach towels makes for a relaxing yet festive poolside patio. The wonderful thing about natural grasses? They take well to paint, so you can always give grass materials a new color.

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