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DIY Accent Walls We Love

Fab feature walls can totally make a room. HGTV Magazine shows you how.

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Photo: Savannah Kokaliares. From: HGTV Magazine.

3D Stripes

Everything is better in 3D — including this rainbow of stripes. “Even though this look could be replicated by painting stripes, doing it with trim makes it literally pop off the wall, which is way more fun,” says designer Savannah Kokaliares.

The DIY Details: Buy pieces of trim that are the height of your wall. Cut the same number of pieces of trim in varying lengths between 1 foot and 2-1/2 feet. Sort the trim into sets, each containing the same number of wall-height pieces and assorted-length pieces, then paint each set a different color. When they are dry, attach them to the wall with a brad nailer, leaving a 2-inch gap between each piece. Attach the smaller pieces of trim to the ceiling with the brad nailer, aligning them with the wall trim so they look like continuous stripes.

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Photo: Mark Burstyn. From: HGTV Magazine.

Subtle Squares

Hop on board the trendy trim train! “Putting decorative molding on a wall adds architectural detail that’ll elevate any space,” says designer Erin Feasby.

The DIY Details: Start by drawing squares on your wall with a pencil and a level. Using a miter saw, cut two pieces of 1-inch-wide trim for each line you drew. Cut the corners at a 45-degree angle (or have the pieces cut at a home improvement store). Attach the trim to the wall with wood glue, butting each piece up against the other to create a 2-inch-wide piece. Secure the trim to the wall with a brad nailer, nailing into studs where possible. Fill nail holes with wood filler and caulk the edges, then sand the molding lightly. To finish, prime and paint the wall with a fine-finish roller; use an angled brush for the trim and molding details. (Or use a paint sprayer for the whole job.)

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Photo: Kim Bui. From: HGTV Magazine.

A Plant Perch

“This was a boring lanai; now it serves a purpose as a place for my plants," says homeowner and blogger Kim Bui. Her pro tip: "I recommend building it with a buddy — it goes so much faster.”

The DIY Details: Buy three pieces of 1" x 2" trim that are the height of your wall. Place them against the wall vertically, then screw them in, securing them to studs where possible. Then, attach a 1" x 8" board (cut to the length that you’d like for the accent wall) horizontally to the vertical posts with wood screws, using a level to keep it straight. Attach 1" x 2" trim, cut to the same length, beneath the previous board with wood glue, leaving a 3/4-inch gap between each board and continuing until you reach the floor. Secure the boards to the posts with a brad nailer. To finish, fill in nail holes with wood filler and apply a water-based sealer in a matte finish to the wood.

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Photo: Angela Treat. From: HGTV Magazine.

Patterned Panels

“This is one of the easier accent walls you can build," says homeowner and blogger Angela Treat. "It feels more creative than wallpapering the entire thing and costs less too!”

The DIY Details: With a pencil and a level, draw rectangles on your wall, leaving a few inches between each. Then, draw a smaller rectangle inside each one. Using a miter saw, cut 3/4-inch-wide trim for the sides of each rectangle; cut the corners at a 45-degree angle (or have them cut at a home improvement store). Paint the trim and the walls (but not the smaller rectangles). When the paint is dry, apply wallpaper inside each inner rectangle. Then, use a brad nailer to attach the trim around the wallpaper and the larger rectangle, securing the pieces to studs where possible. Fill in nail holes with wood filler, caulk the outer edges where the trim meets the wall and touch up the paint.

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