Clever Uses for Everyday Items in the Bathroom

Use everyday objects you already have around your home — or can easily find at a flea market or tag sale — to make creative storage and organizing solutions for your bathroom.

By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Kimberly Ludy

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Kate Antoske

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Melissa Hruska

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Kitty Vogt

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Laura Fenton

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Liz Marie Galvan

Multipurpose Muffin Pan

Vintage baking pans come with a pretty patina that makes them a favorite find at flea markets, though a pan dating back to the Mad Men era may be better suited for display rather than Sunday's blueberry muffins. Here's a new use for that old pan. Repurpose a muffin pan in the bathroom as a handy tray for toiletries that you can bring by the tub for at-home pedicures, or place a few tea light candles inside to set a serene mood for a bath. Design by Kimberly Ludy

Rolled on a Rack

Think outside the bottle with this accordion-style rack that's typically used to store wine or bottles of Pellegrino. A wine rack in the bathroom is a clever way to keep a few towels right at hand. It's a perfect solution for a guest bathroom, so friends don't need to hunt down a clean hand towel. Simply roll up towels and place bath towels on top and smaller hand towels and washcloths in the spaces below. Design by Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien. Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Wine Crate Shelf

Once you finish off that crate of wine, reuse it as stylish shelving in the bathroom (or ask your local wine shop for an old wine crate to use). The wood crate will add a rustic style to your loo — and create an open shelving solution for bath salts, big bottles of shampoo or even a pretty vase of fresh market flowers.

Mounting Tips: On the bottom of the crate, drill two holes in the middle of each side. Use a level to make sure it's sitting straight and mark where the holes are on the wall. Drill in the anchors using the markers as a guide. Add screws to mount the crate into the wall. Design by Kate Antoske

Drawers of Lotions and Potions

It's easy to spot vintage wooden drawers everywhere these days — antique shops, vintage Web shops, flea markets, you name it. Little wooden drawers make a great storage solution in the bathroom to organize and display your collection of perfume bottles or must-have toiletries. The drawers, originally part of a hardware store cabinet and sewing desk, now contain the bottles to keep your bathroom counter clean and clutter free. Design by Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

Test Tube Grooming Rack

An old chemistry rack of test tubes makes the perfect storage spot for grooming supplies in the bathroom. True, you probably don't have a vintage test tube rack lying around the house, but chemistry racks are easy enough to find browsing the vintage selections on Etsy. Your brush, concealer, lipsticks and makeup brushes fit neatly inside the test tube holes. Place eye and lip pencils in a test tube. You'll feel like you're shopping in a fancy boutique rather than grabbing your old $2 lip balm with this pulled-together look. Design by Melissa Hruska

From the Office to Your Hair

Raid your desk for an everyday office supply that will make it easy to have hairpins on hand for your next updo. A paper clip holder makes a clever magnetic container for storing bobby pins. Add fabric to the outside of the paper clip holder using Mod Podge. Then, simply wrap the fabric around the container like you would wrap a present (but skip the top). Fold the fabric on the bottom like the end of a present, and add Mod Podge under the fabric to keep it in place. Design by Kitty Vogt

The Makeup Julep Cup

Any cup-shaped vessel can hold your stash of makeup brushes. But not every cup will be the right height so you can see what's inside or sturdy enough to handle a blush brush without toppling over. A silver plated julep cup is just right. Try a julep cup in the bathroom as a shiny storage solution for the top of your vanity. Design by Laura Fenton

Hung Up on Jars

Mason jars are a pretty and practical solution for organizing cotton balls and Q-tips, but glass in the bathroom is a risky matter and counter space is always at a premium. Here's a solution for getting everything up on the wall in style. All you need is a piece of wood, paint, pipe clamps, wide-mouth Mason jars, screws and picture hangers. Paint your wood board the color you want. Once it's dry, screw the pipe clamps onto the wood (be sure to measure out how many Mason jars you'll be adding and space them out on the board). Add picture hangers to the back of the board to hang it on the wall. Then, slide the Mason jars into the pipe clamps. Be sure the pipe clamps are tight enough to catch the lip of the jar. Now you have all your essentials within reach, and they look good, too. Design by Liz Marie Galvan

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