Pumpkin Spice Latte-Inspired Spaces to Kickstart Your Fall

If there’s one thing that tastes like fall, it’s the PSL. Luckily the beloved autumnal beverage can be a welcome addition to your decorating scheme too. You can bring the drink to life literally, with classic colors and textures, or figuratively, with cozy spaces perfect for pumpkin spice sipping. Either way, there’s a room for any and all pumpkin spice addicts.

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Season's Greetings

First things first, take the time to welcome fall and welcome back the decidedly delicious pumpkin spice. Make an impressive introduction by incorporating adorable accents and animations into a gallery wall, each celebrating the new season.

Reading Material

If there’s one thing that can improve the already amazing latte lifestyle, it’s the addition of a good book. So grab a novel and fall's favorite beverage then just kick back, relax and forget all your summer stresses.

Just Desserts

Make breakfast in bed a part of your daily routine with the help of another wake-up necessity: donuts. Prints of the sweet treat pair perfectly with pumpkin-colored walls. For those really looking to take their space to a whole new fall-themed level, the donut accents can be coated in maple bacon. Yum.

Drink Up

Because when you finally put down the latte, it's likely the perfect time to grab a glass of red wine. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so warm up the color scheme with deep reds, burnt oranges and a bottle of Pinot Noir.

Spice it Up

Fall isn’t all dark wood and gourds, it can also mean a few unexpected touches. Chrome and silver don’t exactly come to mind when picking out the new interior decorations, but they can spice up a space and keep things interesting, especially paired with classic pumpkin-colored walls.

Dark Roast

As much as we wished for cooler weather, comfy sweaters and hot drinks, the newfound cold can require a few extra things for you to get comfy. Not only will you be busting out the pumpkin spice mix, you’ll need blankets and pillows galore. Fireplace not required.

Whip Something Up

Neither wind nor sleet nor snow nor leaves can keep the grill fanatics away from their beloved work stations. Thankfully, PSLs pair pretty well with some charred appetizers, so you don’t have to put away the grill or stay indoors just yet.

Fall Flavor

Because it just wouldn’t be autumn without a few pumpkins (in addition to your PSLs, of course). Look beyond the coffee mug and keep pumpkins around in new, chic ways, even as you set a table, entertain and sip a spiked hot chocolate with friends.

Dash of Color

Eggplant needs love this time of year, too. And the deep purple shade just happens to pair incredibly well with the rust orange that reminds us of our beloved PSLs. The shade also lends an elegant, royal touch to a room no matter the time of year.

Warm & Cozy

No matter your taste, there’s always a way to add something pumpkin spice-inspired to a space, even if it’s a just with a few orange, pumpkin-esque trinkets. Even those who steer clear of color can give a nod (and a sip) to fall’s signature drink.

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