8 Fun Wall Treatments That Aren't Paint

Put down the paintbrush. These creative wall treatments will bring new life to your interiors. No blue painter's tape or drop cloths required.

Photo By: Artificial Plants Unlimited

Photo By: Casart Coverings

Photo By: Ashton Woods Homes

Photo By: Artaic

Photo By: Kass Wilson

Photo By: Casart Coverings

Photo By: Justin Reid

Photo By: Ashton Woods Homes

Living Walls

Living walls, also known as vertical gardens, have made their way inside, beautifying interior spaces and making dramatic statements with lush, verdant greenery. For those without a green thumb, there are artificial living walls, like the one above from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Here, poly-blend plants are interwoven, combining long and short grasses, even ivy, for a fresh, natural look that adds texture and color to any living space no matter how large or small.

Reusable Wall Coverings

For a high-end look without the hassle of wallpaper installation, look to a reusable wall covering that can serve as an elegant accent wall. The Asia Blossom Mural above from Casart Coverings is a self-adhesive and removable wall covering that comes in several colors and can easily be switched out with the season. This is a great option for those who like to switch up the look of their interiors periodically to keep them looking fresh and stylish.

Wooden Plank Walls

Stylish wooden plank walls can be made from reclaimed wood pallets or barn wood, then kept as neutral, stained, or whitewashed, depending on the look you hope to achieve. This type of statement wall has grown popular for bedroom interiors, as in the design above from Ashton Woods Homes. To achieve the same texture and warmth in less time, look to high-quality peel and stick wooden paneling.

Mosaic Tiles

It’s never been easier to add a colorful mosaic tile wall to your home’s interior thanks to Artaic. Using advanced robotic technology, Artaic is able to create custom mosaics from glass, porcelain, and stone, that are ready to install in four to eight weeks. Ready-to-buy mosaics in collections like botanical Flourish and industrial chic URBN serve as design inspiration or as a point-of-purchase for those eager to jump right into vibrant mosaic artwork.

High Gloss Lacquer Walls

There’s something dramatic about an accent wall that immediately draws attention and that’s what a wall dressed in a high gloss lacquer is well-suited to do. More than a high gloss paint, a lacquer truly brings a wall to life by creating a sheen that draws guests into a room, like the one above from interior designer Kate Hayes and decorative artist Kass Wilson. The lustrous wall surface can also maximize light in the room and give the impression of a larger space.

Faux Wall Finishes

Wall finishes, like silk, linen, and grasscloth, can add sophistication to interior spaces. However, a faux wall finish may be all you need. Even better, few guests (if any) will be able to tell that the finish is not made from real fabric. One idea is to add drama to a formal living room with a crimson-colored faux padded harlequin wall finish, like the one above from Casart Coverings. As a bonus, it’s both self-adhesive and reusable.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles may have been in use since the 1900’s, but they remain a popular choice today, particularly for kitchen spaces. Adding glossy white subway tiles to an entire wall, not just a backsplash, can help maximize available natural light and brighten up a kitchen space, notes interior designer Bethany Adams. Pure white wall cabinets further enliven the space, creating a welcoming room to start the day.

Stone Walls

Rugged stone walls, like those made from dressed fieldstone, offer a natural appeal and a rich, rocky texture that can elevate any gathering space in the home. As an accent wall, the irregularity of the exposed stones balances clean lines and can visually enhance a space. Another option is an interior stacked stone wall. This can be achieved with actual stones or stacked stone veneer panels, which can adeptly replicate the look of real stone masonry.

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