Modern Design Inspired by the 1970s

Old favorites are always bound to bounce back, and the 1970s aesthetic is in the limelight again. Check out these groovy designs that would have fit right in during the 'Brady Bunch' era.

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December 06, 2018

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Photo By: Thang Troung

Lounge In Style

There’s a reason why these spaces are called lounges - who wouldn’t want to chill out with a cocktail on this vibrant banquette? The patterned staircase risers and platform add to the high-end, funky vibe while the plants, wicker and wood tones lend a natural tone.

Retro Walls

Greens mixed with yellow and bright pops of orange were the signature colors of the 1970s. This desk area pays homage to that palette in a crisp, modern way that is fun and playful.

Playful Palettes

Refresh a bedroom with geometric wallpaper on a ceiling or playful splashes of pink, yellow and orange, and you can dive back into the groovy days. Reference Rhoda's eccentrically decorated apartment on The Mary Tyler Moore Show for further inspiration.

Easy Bathroom Upgrades

No need for a full bathroom renovation to get the '70s look - simply swap out those old towels for some radically colored ones, and add a bold wallpaper to those plain walls.

Dining Delight

This radiant dining room incorporates different '70s elements, ranging from the rich red leather banquette to the fruit-patterned Roman shades. Sitting under this beaded chandelier in rustic yellow chairs can be a delight for All in the Family.

Keep It Glassy

This inviting bar top lets everyone know where the party is at. The transparency of the glass shelves doesn't disrupt the stem-patterned wallpaper. It might be different from the bars at Studio 54, but your guests will be impressed by the chic design.

Paint the Town Turquoise

This warm, woodsy kitchen received a splash of turquoise for its modernized look. The wood cabinets and rich, '70s-hued ceramics and cookware in coral and chartreuse create an energized vibe.

A Cozy Little Corner

These quaint armchairs are designed with slim, sleek legs and plenty of cushioning for some down time. The tiny table perched between perfectly holds those books you need to catch up on reading.

Mid-Mod Meets 70s

Browns and yellows are '70s color staples. This sleek mid-mod dresser topped by an antique mirror holds everything from jewelry boxes and ties, to knickknacks and plants. Its dark finish is complemented by yellow drapes, which add a bright pop of color to the masculine space.

A Colorful Cook Space

From olive tones to military tints, varying shades of green are scattered throughout this mod kitchen. The dotted pendant lights hanging from above add to the vintage scene. The curved island might take up some prep space, but it encourages roundtable-style interaction with guests.

Fun and Eclectic

To satisfy your nostalgia needs, decorate a room with memorabilia that reflects the funky '70s age. This teen bedroom is decked out with sports, cars and geometric patterns to bring in a sense of fun.

A Gold Rush

Talk about a dy-no-mite living room! The '70s were known for mixing styles, patterns and colors and this eye-popping space is the perfect example of that. The gold velvet and the teal sofa provide comfort in funky hues while the herringbone fireplace surround, crystal chandelier and rug add a touch of traditional style.

Golden Glass

The '70s had its share of bold looks, many that you'll see in this yellow-detailed bedroom. The tinted glass lamps and mini plant on a nightstand are massive complements to the alluring wallpaper pattern.

Toning It Down

Orange can easily represent the key color of the 1970s. For those who don't want to relish in an excessively orange room, its vibrancy can be toned down with neutral shades and natural woods.

Dazzling Pillows

Plain pillows can be quite a bore. Who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort? This jade green sofa provides a jolt of color, while the graphic black and white pillows add a mod statement to this retro-style setting.

Quiet Colors

As a counterpart to the flashy colors of the '70s, muted pastels can also enhance the mood of any room. These kitchen cabinets play off the adjoining dishes with color blocking and still carry that conventional charm.

That '70s Upgrade

Who else thinks this could be a modern upgrade to the basement from That '70s Show? This hip space is perfect for all your lounging, entertaining and dining needs. We're impressed by the neutral wood tones in the floor, and the shelves and support beams that play off the brightly colored furnishings.

Space for Days

You might remember seeing these walnut shelves during visits at your grandparents' house. The deep-shelf design offers plenty of space to display books, art, pottery and other vintage items.

Plenty of Plants

This dark nature print reminds us of a wild decor choice just fit for the '70s. The room is modernized with bronze hanging planters to match the foliage on the wall. If the plants don't catch your eye, the polished yellow bench certainly will.

Brighten Your Lights

Here's an alternative to disco balls: funky designed light fixtures. They may not rotate or reflect glittery glows on you, but they could definitely be the focal point of any room. Having an assortment of colors and heights amps up the excitement.

Mix It Up

In this modern Americana masterpiece, you'll see a mix of vintage pieces and relaxed furniture that could have been hot items in the '70s. An old trunk functions as a coffee table, while floor lamps and a tall houseplant add dimension to the space. A sprinkling of details complete the look: printed throw pillows, terrariums and bold artwork.

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