Sensational Sliding Garden Gates, Doors and Fences

These incredible entryways show creativity, artistry and smart design.

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: APLD

Photo By: John Granen

Photo By: John Granen

Photo By: Jason Liske

Photo By: Guy Ayers

Photo By: Greg Wilson and ASLA

Photo By: Greg Wilson and ASLA

Photo By: Linny Morris

Photo By: Erhard Pfeiffer

Photo By: ASLA

Photo By: ASLA

Urban Cool

A sculptural sliding gate serves as the stylish backdrop for inners enjoyed at this recycled plastic dining table. Matthew Cunningham's design for the courtyard, which includes the gate (made from raw aluminum) and reclaimed granite flooring, won a 2015 Association of Professional Landscape Designers award.

Sculptural Design

Massachusetts landscape designer Matthew Cunningham incorporated this sculptural gate as the entrance to a 1,200-square-foot courtyard. The gate was inspired by a family drawing and fashioned from raw aluminum.

Mix of Materials

A sliding aluminum gate opens to a courtyard with a dining area. The artistry of the design by Matthew Cunningham, winner of a 2015 Association of Professional Landscape Designers award, matches the style of the urban courtyard, which also features western red cedar fencing. 

Geometric Inspiration

A custom, see-through gate created with aluminum rings is a unique sliding entryway into this Washington garden. The landscape design is by Scot Eckley.

Work of Art

Landscape designer Scot Eckley and his team cut about 200 rings from various PVC pipes to create a template for this gate. A metal fabricator duplicated the design using aluminum rings cut and welded into one solid piece.

Mod Courtyard

A yellow privacy fence serves as a vibrant gateway to a courtyard designed by architect Guy Ayers. He used half-inch clear plexiglass covered with multiple, thin layers of colored and textured plastic. It took several trial runs to create the perfect hue for the courtyard, which also features a fire pit.

Unique Entryway

Ipe wood, a flame-resistant, durable wood from South America, is placed in a horizontal pattern for this sliding fence. The design by architect Guy Ayers provides privacy when desired but blurs the lines between interior and exterior when open.

Tropical Goes Modern

A metal sliding gate and concrete walls separate public and private spaces on this tropical property in Sarasota, Florida. The modern project by David W. Young was an American Society of Landscape Architects award winner. 

Floridian Courtyard

Just inside the sliding gate (open here) is a water feature that adds visual interest and reduces street noise. The project by DWY Landscape Architects in Sarasota, Fla., won an award from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Hawaiian Living

These sliding doors made of painted wood are part of a beachfront home in Oahu designed by Gast Architects. They provide secure access to the side yard of the house.

Custom Opening

A revolving gate made from local and sustainable materials is part of a modern design by Kirkpatrick Architects. The home is positioned atop a hill with panoramic views in Manhattan Beach, California.

Asian Aesthetic

A Japanese-inspired sliding wooden gate opens to a garden for residents in a Seattle assisted living facility. The courtyard project won a 2013 American Society of Landscape Architects student award.

Desert Beauty

Set back from the curb in an exclusive Palm Springs neighborhood characterized by tall hedges and hidden properties, this translucent entry gate opens to an expansive garden showcasing native plants. The design is by landscape design firm Steve Martino and Associates, an American Society of Landscape Designers award winner.

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