10 Ways to Maximize Under-the-Bed Storage

Amplify bedroom storage with clever clutter control solutions that sit out of sight below the mattress.
Under-Bed Clothing Drawers

Under-Bed Clothing Drawers

Under-bed storage, like these built-in drawers, is a great space-saver and a fantastic way to maximize the use of every square foot of your bedroom. If exposed under-bed storage boxes or bins are creating visual clutter, add a bedskirt to streamline the look.

By: Kim Hildenbrand

A bed takes up a great deal of room, whether in the master bedroom, the kids’ rooms or the guest suite. So why not make use of the valuable space beneath?

"In smaller homes or homes without adequate storage, using the space under the bed provides additional options," says Lisa Mark, certified professional organizer at The Time Butler in Los Altos, Calif. "Under-bed space keeps items contained and out of sight and serves as a physical boundary to curtail the number of items coming into the space. It is also convenient because it keeps less-used items out of prime storage space."

Approach your under-bed storage as you would any other home project: with a thought-out strategy. Keep the space neat, organized and well-edited, with no strewn belongings. Choose attractive containers, or hang a stylish bedskirt to conceal plain storage boxes. It’s a good idea to purchase — or repurpose or build — storage items that fit properly under the bed, rather than simply sliding bins or boxes beneath. If the room is prone to dust, consider lidded containers; if you want frequent access to your items, choose storage solutions with wheels or add your own casters.

Ready to get started? Here are a few of our favorite under-bed storage options.

Wheeled boxes. A specially designed under-bed wheeled box keeps belongings out of sight but is easy to roll out when you need something. The generous size is handy for books, out-of-season clothing, linens, hobby items and more. The lid also protects contents from dust and pests.

Drawers. For easy-access storage, purchase wheeled drawers or repurpose old dresser drawers by adding casters to the bottoms. Drawers are handy under kids’ beds for holding toys, games and dress-up clothes. In the guest room, fill them with spare blankets and pillows.

Locked boxes. The space beneath the bed is a great place to store a safe or locked box — especially one equipped with wheels. You can fill it with important items that you don’t access frequently, such as personal documents and valuables.

Storage bags. Large zippered bags work well for infrequently used items, such as holiday decorations and spare blankets, pillows and linens. "Vacuum extra sets of linens into space bags to reduce bulk," Mark suggests.

Archival garment boxes. If you plan to store treasured clothing, including veils, christening gowns or delicate quilts, consider investing in archival garment storage boxes. They’ll fit under the bed and help keep garments from deteriorating.

Photo storage cases. "Under-bed storage is good for memorabilia and old photos," Mark says. "They don’t need to be accessed very often and might degrade if stored in the garage, attic or basement." Choose an acid-free container to preserve photographs.

Under-Bed Shoe Storage

Under-Bed Shoe Storage

Use the space under you bed to store your shoes. We all have pairs we don't wear often, so keep them out of the way with a compact shoe organization system you can buy at most home goods stores.

Shoe organizer. The spot beneath the bed is ideal for storing a large shoe collection. Options abound, from simple divided boxes to wheeled racks.

Gift wrap station. Store gift wrap, ribbons and bows, tape, scissors and cards in a clear plastic bin under the bed. They’ll be out of the way but easy to find before parties and events.

Suitcases. Luggage can be stored beneath the bed between trips and can double as contained storage for blankets, linens, and clothing. You could also add wheels to vintage suitcases for a creative twist.

Bed risers. If you want even more storage space, you can elevate your bed several inches off the floor with risers. Bonus: A higher bed can also be more comfortable for some people and offers a better view of the television set and windows.

8 Clever Shoe Storage Solutions

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Picture Perfect

Clean up your closet – and keep your fancy footwear pristine – with the uniform shoe storage plan. Label each box with a snapshot of the enclosed pair, and store special-occasion shoes on the top shelf.

Shoe Hive

Organize your family's shoe collection with a homemade shoe hive. Constructed from lightweight PVC pipes, the shoe hive keeps shoes in shape and easy to find.

Storage Tip

Store shoes heel to toe, recommends professional organizer Amanda LeBlanc, a national spokesperson for storage and organization company Organized Living. "Not only does it save space, but it also makes them easier to see," she says.

Photo By: Organized Living

Under the Stairs

Clever shoe storage tucked beneath the stairway maximizes space in this traditional Brooklyn, N.Y., townhouse. Dark-stained stair treads and a dark handrail offer pleasing contrast against the crisp bright white trim.

Glammed-Up Shoe Shelf

Dazzling shoes deserve a glitzy backdrop. Glam up your shoe storage by covering the back of a standard bookshelf with your favorite textured wallpaper.

Photo By: Mallory and Savannah; Classy Clutter

A Step Up

Keep mudroom floors clean and clear with custom-designed shoe racks.

Photo By: Weedman Design Partners; photo by: Leah Verwey

Upcycled Paint Cans

Transform old paint cans into flip-flop keepers. Forget the closet floor jumble with this good-looking strategy to stockpile your slipper arsenal.

Photo By: Crafty Nester

Sliding Effect

Pullout drawers don't have to be relegated to the kitchen. Install them in a mudroom for easy access and plenty of storage. Standard drawers are deep enough for two rows of shoes.

Photo By: Christopher Thomas Construction

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