Kid's Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Pirate

Transform your little buccaneer into a pillaging pirate this Halloween with our easy-to-follow makeup tutorial and costume tips.
Pirate Halloween Costume

Pirate Halloween Costume

By: Traci Hines, Becky Sapp and Jason Amos

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Materials Needed:

  • sponge
  • brown eye shadow
  • yellow eye shadow
  • black or dark brown eye shadow (for eyebrows)
  • pencil eyeliner in black or dark brown
  • eyebrow brush
  • eye shadow blending brush
  • stippling sponge
  • eye patch
  • fake mustache (optional)
  • eyelash glue, spirit gum or liquid latex (for attaching mustache)
  • costume (bandana, pirate hat, dirty separates, boots, hook, etc.)

Smudge Eye Shadow on Face

Begin by "dirtying up" the face by using a sponge to smudge brown and yellow eye shadow on child's cheeks, forehead and down the neck (Images 1-3).

Darken Eyebrows and Add Eye Patch

Darken the eyebrows using eye shadow and/or eyeliner pencil, making them look as full and unkempt as possible (Image 1). Tip: The darker the color and more severe the arch, the more menacing your pirate will look. Add an eye patch (Image 2).

Create Dark Circles

On the eye that is not covered, add dark brown eye shadow underneath to mimic dark circles and collected dirt from endless pillaging and those long months at sea (Images 1 and 2).

Add Facial Hair

Dip a stippling sponge in wet brown eye shadow or face paint then dab onto the chin and above the lip to give your pirate an unshaved look (Images 1 and 2). Another option is to leave the top lip bare of makeup and adhere a fake mustache using eyelash glue, spirit gum or liquid latex (Images 3 and 4). Tip: Be sure to test for any allergies before using any of these products, and have the proper remover on hand. Also, be sure to read all the information on product labels.

Finishing Touches

Put together a costume of ripped clothing and add accessories like a bandana, a pirate hat, gold coins, a clip-on earring, hook or stuffed parrot — let your creativity run wild to give your pirate a unique look.

Little Boy's Pirate Halloween Costume

Little Boy's Pirate Halloween Costume

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