How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe paper is easy to work with and creates realistic flowers that are perfect for gift toppers or placed in a vase during spring. Make three different types — peonies, daisies and tulips.

Crepe Paper Flowers

How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

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By: Michelle Edgemont

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Materials Needed:

  • crepe paper rolls in 4 different colors
  • floral wire
  • floral tape

Make Tulip Stamen

To make the tulip's stamen, cut a 1x1-inch piece of yellow crepe paper. Roll a tiny ball of cotton in your fingers and place in the middle of the crepe paper square. Stick the end of the wire into the cotton ball (image 1). Stretch and fold the crepe paper over the cotton ball and wire (image 2). Twist the edges of the crepe paper around the wire, and use floral tape to secure (images 3 and 4). Twist the floral tape around the crepe paper and wire so they are seamlessly connected (image 5).

Note: Floral tape gets sticky as it stretches. When wrapping the tape around the crepe paper, slightly stretch it to make it sticky enough to stick to itself.

Cut Tulip Petals

To make the tulip petals, cut a 4-inch wide strip of crepe paper. Fold the edge of the strip up 4 inches (image 1). Continue to fold the strip onto itself to be able to cut more than one petal at a time (images 2 and 3).

Make Tulip Petals

Cut the tulip petal templates out of the paper you printed them on, place on the folded crepe paper (image 1) and cut them out. Cut 4 inner petals and 3 outer petals. Flower petals should always be cut with the grain of the crepe paper running vertically. Hold the top of each petal between your thumb and forefinger and stretch the crepe paper open to make the petal look more realistic (image 2). Arrange the inner petals around the stamen (image 3). Each petal should slightly overlap the one next to it (image 4). Secure the petals with a strip of floral tape (image 5). Arrange the outer petals by overlapping each one, and secure with floral tape. Wrap the floral tape all the way down to the wire to create a seamless look.

Make Daisy Stamen

To make the daisy stamen, cut a 2x6-inch piece of yellow crepe paper with the grain running vertically. Fold the crepe paper onto itself. Cut slits into the top 1 1/2 inches of the folded crepe paper to create fringe (image 1), and hold the end of floral wire up to the edge of the fringe (image 2). Wrap the fringe around the wire, and secure with floral tape (image 3).

Cut Out Daisy Petals

Cut a 24-inch piece of crepe paper, and fold the edge in 4 inches (image 1). Continue to fold the crepe paper until it meets the other end. Print out the daisy template, and match the bottom edge with the bottom edge of the folded crepe paper (image 2). Cut straight across the folded crepe paper near the top of the template, then cut around the template. Cut down between each petal (image 3), and unfold the crepe paper (image 4).

Complete Daisies

Line up the stamen with the edge of the petals (image 1). Wrap the petals around the stamen, crimping and pleating as you go (image 2). Secure with a long piece of floral tape once all petals are completely wrapped (image 3). Give each petal a realistic shape by pulling apart the crimps near the top of each one (image 4). Pull down the petals so the stamen is visible (image 5).

Make Peony Stamen

To make the peony, roll a medium-sized piece of cotton into a ball. Cut a 2x2-inch piece of pink crepe paper (image 1). Stretch the crepe paper over the cotton ball, and secure to the wire with floral tape (image 2). Keep stretching and wrapping to create a seamless look with the wire (image 3).

Make Peony Petals

Cut a strip of 4-inch wide crepe paper and fold into a 4x4-inch squares. Lay the peony petal template onto the crepe paper folds, making sure the grain of the crepe paper is running vertically on the petal. Cut out 25 petals (image 1). Use your fingers to stretch apart the crepe paper folds along the top of each petal to make them look more realistic (image 2). Crimp the bottom of each petal (image 3).

Complete Peonies

The innermost petals of the peony should be laid out with the stamen near the top of the petals (image 1). Arrange 3-5 inner petals (image 2), and secure with floral tape. Continue to add petals in a circular motion around the stamen, and secure with floral tape every few petals. Add the last petals near the bottom, and wrap floral tape down to the wire (images 3 and 4).

Display Paper Flowers

Display the paper flowers in vases together or separately, or use the flowers as eye-catching gift toppers.

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