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Inside Sarah Richardson’s Colorful Home

12 Photos

Designer Sarah Richardson opens her Toronto home to <i>HGTV Magazine</i> to show you how to use color (and lots of it!).

Classic Color Combination: Aqua and Orange

21 Photos

These color-wheel opposites are a tried-and-true combination. Here's how to use the hues in both classic and totally unexpected ways.

Colors We Love Now: HGTV's Color of the Month

45 Photos

Each month, staffers meet to choose a trendy hue to celebrate. Find out our latest color obsessions, plus look back at past picks.

Create a Mood With Color

17 Photos

Choosing just the right color for your home can be a daunting task. To make color selection less intimidating, many interior designers suggest considering the feeling each color inspires.

Winning Color Combos for Fall

Oct 28, 2014 by Leah Hennen

After years of soft neutrals and harmonious earth tones, bolder hues are taking center stage. Check out these daring color combinations for fall.

20 Unexpected Color Palettes That Work

20 Photos

Take your home to a bold new level by trying out one of these unexpected, but surprisingly perfect, color palettes. Did you know that you could mix red, white and blue with black-and-white stripes? Find out how.

Color Meanings

14 Photos

Learn how color affects your mood and how to maximize its impact in your home.

14 Fashion-Forward Color Schemes to Try

15 Photos

Are your home's interiors looking a little drab? Shake things up with one of these unexpected — but oh-so-chic — color palettes.

8 Brilliant Paint Color Trends

8 Photos

Energize rooms with vivid hues inspired by the hot days of summer. Try one of these up-to-the-minute paint colors.

Sizzling Makeovers From Color Splash: Miami

10 Photos

Inspired by his vibrant hometown, designer David Bromstad heats up ordinary spaces with Miami style and, of course, his signature use of color. Browse before-and-after photos to see how David took these five rooms from bland to brilliant.