How to Make a Christmas Catnip Toy

Don't forget your furry best friend when making handmade gifts for the holidays. With just basic sewing skills, you can whip up a catnip-filled stocking-shaped toy as a surprise for your favorite kitty.
Cat Playing With Catnip Toy

Cat Playing With Catnip Toy

Pets seem to anticipate the holidays almost as much as we do. There's an excitement that fills the home as boxes are hauled in from the attic, basement or garage and the tree is set up. Include your cat in the holiday fun by unpacking this catnip stocking to play with each year then later packing it away with the rest of the holiday decorations to reserve it for the season.

Materials Needed:

  • remnant of heavy, woven fabric
  • paper
  • pins
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • heavy duty thread
  • twine, trim and embellishments
  • dry catnip
  • spoon

Create Template and Cut Out Stocking

Create stocking template out of paper and pin to fabric. Cut out two pieces of fabric that are mirror images, so they will fit together to make one stocking. Tip: When creating the template, make sure it's small enough for a cat toy, but large enough to be able to sew and turn inside out.

Pinning Pattern to Fabric

Pinning Pattern to Fabric

Sew Stocking

Place both stocking pieces together with right sides facing each other. Place a few pins to hold stocking halves together. Sew edges of stocking together, leaving top unsewn. Trim threads and turn stocking right-side-out.

Sewing Fabric With Sewing Machine

Sewing Fabric With Sewing Machine

Fill Stocking with Catnip

Use a spoon to fill stocking with dried catnip (Image 1). Once filled, fold ends of stocking top in and stitch closed by hand with an all-purpose sewing needle and coordinating thread (Image 2).

Add Hanger and Decorative Cuff

Hand sew a loop of twine, ribbon or string to heel side of stocking top (Image 1). Cut length of trim that can completely wrap around stocking top and overlap by about 1/2" to create a decorative cuff. Hand stitch where cuff ends overlap and along stocking top (Image 2). Add any other desired embellishments, making sure all are securely attached to stocking and safe for cats to play with (Images 3 and 4).

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