How to Make a Chicken Wire Cloche for Halloween

A metal lamp frame and chicken wire are repurposed for this simple project that can be decorated for all seasons. Paint them black and add artificial spiders to create a creepy cobweb effect that is perfect for Halloween.

Chicken Wire Pumpkin Decoration

DIY Halloween Centerpieces

By: Marian Parson

Materials Needed:

  • small roll of chicken wire
  • wire cutters
  • work gloves
  • needle-nose pliers
  • black satin spray paint
  • wire lampshade frame (optional)

Option One: Use a Lampshade Frame to Create Cloche

Put on work gloves and roll out chicken wire. Gently wrap wire around lampshade frame to estimate how much is needed to fully cover sides (Image 1). Remove shade and use wire cutters to cut wire to appropriate size. Wrap wire tightly around frame, pinching over top and bottom edges (Image 2). Cut excess wire if needed to make it fit properly.

Trim Wire and Connect Ends

Trim excess wire where ends of chicken wire meet (Image 1). Using your fingers or needle-nose pliers, gently twist wire together to connect the ends (Image 2).

Cut and Secure Top

Cut a piece of chicken wire to fit on top of lampshade frame (Image 1). Fold and twist wire's edges over frame to hold top in place. Spray with one coat of black satin spray paint and allow to dry prior to use (Image 2).

Option Two: Form a Dome-Shaped Cloche Without a Frame

These chicken wire cloches can be easily made without a lampshade frame, as well. Simply cut a piece of chicken wire to approximately 20" x 10" with a pair of wire cutters. Roll wire into a cylinder and twist wires together to hold in place where ends meet (Image 1). Cut three to four vertical slits in top of the cylinder about 3 inches long (Image 2). Fold cut pieces in toward the center, so they overlap and form a dome shape (Image 3). Cut excess wire sections and twist ends together to hold dome shape. Make sure all edges are trimmed or folded under. Finally, spray with one coat of black satin spray paint and allow to dry prior to use (Image 4).

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