Laundry Room Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2019

Located just across from the powder room off the entry, the hard-working laundry room with advanced washer and dryer includes tons of storage and a handy dog-washing station for keeping family pets clean.

By: Jeannie Matteucci

Hard-Working Space

The user-friendly laundry room offers an organized space with Shaker-style cabinets and drawers with heirloom silver-finish hardware. This space was designed for getting chores done using the latest technology to wash clothes, with additional special features that make it easy to keep furry friends clean and healthy.

Clean Efficiently

An advanced washer and dryer use modern technology to safely and thoroughly clean and dry clothes in an energy-efficient way. The laundry room also includes a water sensor that is part of the home’s top-notch security system that sends an alert to help you avoid costly damage from leaks and floods.

Special Features

The 10-cycle front-load washer with steam includes a sanitize cycle and internal water heater that increases the water temperature to reduce bacteria and provide better cleaning for tough stains. The 13-cycle front-load dryer with a stainless drum that resists rust and helps protect clothes includes steam refresh and a sensor that takes the guesswork out of drying times.

Handy Shelf

A large shelf above the smart washer and dryer offers open storage space for laundry detergent and fabric softener, keeping the often-used items within easy reach.

Decorative Detail

Modern abstract art sits on the back of the shelf above the smart washer and dryer, adding a touch of color and pattern and decorative detail to this hard-working laundry center.

Easy-Access Sink

A laundry sink separate from the dog-washing station offers an easy way to clean delicate, hand-wash clothing items like lingerie.

Captured Light

A pitched sun tunnel with solar nightlight brings natural light inside the laundry room, optically engineered to capture light through a high-impact dome on the roof that sends the light through a highly reflective tunnel that transmits a pure natural light with no color shift.

Patterned Backsplash

The blue-and-white marble and glass-tile backsplash with non-sanded grout that wraps around the laundry room adds pattern and offers an attractive way to guard the wall from splashing water.

Efficient Workspace

The large number of cabinets and drawers in the laundry room provide storage space for various laundry and pet supplies. The laundry room also offers lots of counterspace for folding clothes and getting household tasks done.

Perfect for Pets

With an oversized sink, faucet with hand shower and tile surround, the handy dog-washing station in the laundry room offers an additional washing area perfect for pets. The well-placed cabinets and drawers around the dog-washing station can be used to store pet sweaters, treats, toys and more.

Clean and Convenient

The dog-washing station includes a wall-mounted faucet with lever handles and hand shower, and a roomy undermount large single-bowl kitchen sink with tall apron that offers a clean and convenient way to wash pets at home.

Smart Storage

The pullout rack located just to the right of the dog-washing center offers easy-access storage for rolled towels, paper goods or cleaning supplies like stain and odor removers. The handy rack can also be used as a designated storage spot for pet shampoos, containers of pet food and more.

Hidden Dog Food Drawer

A custom dog food drawer was placed right underneath the dog-washing station. Built into the toe-kick area of the laundry room, the custom drawer can hold two dog bowls for food and water.

Light-Toned Floor

Like the rest of the interior of the home, the laundry room has 7-inch, white oak hardwood flooring that provides an attractive and durable surface that’s easy to keep clean.

User-Friendly Floor Plan

This view shows the laundry room’s location just off the front door and entry of this clever home built for enjoying the benefits of modern technology.

Pet-Friendly Pocket Door

A pullout doggie pocket door with custom millwork located between the entry and the laundry room hallway helps keep pets in a designated area and stop them from wandering to other parts of the home.

Rustic Urban Style

A sliding barn utility door with black soft-close hardware closes the laundry room off from the hallway to the garage and the home’s entry area just steps away.

Attractive and Comfortable

Equipped and organized like a modern laundry center, the well-designed laundry room with top-notch appliances makes it easy to get chores done in a space that feels attractive and comfortable.