Library Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2019

A bookcase with lots of storage space for books and collectibles, comfortable seating and a good amount of natural light make this handsome library an enjoyable spot located just off the kitchen.

By: Jeannie Matteucci

Tranquil Space

Designer Tiffany Brooks turned a space originally planned as the breakfast area off the kitchen into this handsome library with gray walls. It offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the main living spaces in the home.

Handsome Bookcase

The large modular library bookcase with a two-tone finish offers the rich look of wood with lots of open and closed storage space for books and display space for collectibles.

Chic Lighting

Three wall sconces with a natural brass finish above the large bookcase help illuminate the library. The eye-catching zigzag sconces have an attractive, elegant yet casual style.

Lovely Linen Chairs

Two midcentury-modern-style accent chairs covered in a linen fabric provide some of the stylish seating in this well-detailed library. The accent chairs have padded slope arms and tall spindle legs with a semi-attached back cushion. A pedestal side table offers a spot to rest a book or drink.

Storage Options

The modular storage bookcase includes both open and closed storage, with glass doors that keep dust away from selected books and decorative items.

Private Getaway

With seating for four, the library can be used for more private conversation during a big party at home, or for a leisurely drink after dinner for a smaller gathering.

Enjoy the View

With large single-hung vinyl windows with energy-efficient insulating glass, this library offers one of the best spots in the home for enjoying views of the outdoors. The library is just steps from the kitchen, as well as a porch outside.

Easy-to-Operate Skylights

The library includes deck-mounted solar-powered skylights with light-filtering single-pleated blinds that bring fresh air and natural light into the space. The skylights can be controlled through a smartphone app.

Healthy Indoor Environment

These advanced skylights have a skylight automation system designed to help create a healthy indoor environment by monitoring online weather forecasts, indoor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels and using this data to automatically open the skylights to bring in fresh air or adjust the blinds for energy efficiency.

Outstanding Ottoman

A decorative rope sits on top of the round pewter-colored ottoman placed in the middle of the library’s four comfortable and cozy chairs.

Striking Chairs

The library seating area includes two tall curved wingback accent chairs with a geometric-print chenille fabric on the outside, and a solid woven fabric on the inside for a striking look.

Touch of Softness

An area rug that offers an Old World feel with the on-trend colors of today adds a touch of softness to the library’s seating area.

Extra Details

A round throw pillow on each wingback chair adds comfort, with assorted decorative accessories on the side table by the chair adding texture to the room.

Dramatic Drapes

Long and dramatic cream-colored drapes frame the single-hung vinyl windows and offer contrast for the library’s rich gray walls with a subtle brown undertone.

Warm Floor

A durable white oak hardwood floor provides a neutral backdrop for this inviting library and seating area, with rich colors and lots of appealing textures.

Connected Spaces

This fiberglass door with glass insert leads from the library to the porch outside. The inviting porch includes a cozy seating area and motorized screens that can be controlled by a simple touch of a button to protect the space from insects and unsettled weather.

Door Details

The fully insulated energy-efficient fiberglass door with glass insert was painted a soft white color. The door has a transom window above and a security sensor that connects with the home’s advanced and monitored security system.

Well-Designed Layout

With the kitchen on the left side and the library on the right, this view offers a look into the well-detailed master bedroom located down the hall.

Lots of Light

This view looking from the kitchen into the library shows the lovely natural light in the library, and how the light filters into the kitchen.