25 Homes That Look Like They Belong In a Fairytale

Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin—we all had a favorite storybook as kids. But what if your real-life home looked like it belonged in one of those magical tales? These homeowners from You Live in What? are living the dream in these homes that seem straight out of a fairytale.

Storybook Charm

This former carriage house in New York certainly embodies the quintessential storybook feel, even though it was built in the early 1900s. The whitewashed exterior with dark wood details give the home a charming boost of curb appeal.

Sparkling Splendor

This gorgeous glass house in Argentina is as magical as they come. The colorful details sparkle and shimmer in a way that's almost too beautiful to be real.

Castle in the Clouds

Once a ruin, this Italian castle is now where some lucky homeowners call home. To top off the medieval storybook experience, it even comes with a grotto.

Castle Caves

If a castle abode and grotto weren't enough to complete these homeowners' fairytale existence, there are also plenty of underground caves to explore.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

If you’re looking for a slightly more modest castle feel, this gorgeous home equipped with a tall stone tower should do the trick. It may have previously been a water tower, but it certainly looks a lot like where we imagine Repunzel was kept locked up.

Holy Home

This quaint cottage-like home in Wimberly, Texas was actually originally a church.

Barn Beauty

Secluded behind an ivy-colored stone wall, this former barn seems like it should also be surrounded by magical woodland creatures. However, the lovely building in Suffern, N.Y. simply serves as a quaint home.

Secret Door

This beautifully detailed wooden door is hidden behind layers of ivy and nestled in a massive stone wall of this old castle. Could it perhaps be leading to a secret garden? Or a magical land? Only the homeowners will know.  

Futuristic Fantasy

This self-contained home in Wales gives a whole new meaning to living off the land—and certainly appears to be plucked out of a fantasy story.

Naturally Beautiful

Could the spacious, all-natural bedroom in this Wales home be any more adorable? It would certainly rank highly with fairies and mystical creatures from the nearby forest.

Spooky Stories

This home in Southampton, UK was once a cemetery mortuary. We don't know about you, but that certainly sounds like the premise to a pretty spooky haunted house story.

Secret Hideaway

Escape to a magical world, just beyond this underground glass door—well, at least to a modern home that formerly served as a bunker in Cornwall, England.

For the Birds

Once the home to doves and pigeons, this dovecote in Burgundy, France now serves as a delightful, luxurious home. The grounds on this property alone look like they belong in a storybook land.  

Straw Bale Home

The homeowners of this former straw bale home should probably watch out—Rumpelstiltskin might appear one night and ask them to turn straw into gold.

Whimsical Clocktower

The exterior of London's St. Pancras clocktower already looks like it belongs in a magical tale. But the true unique details lie inside the dazzling penthouse.

Bewitching Books

The meandering staircase and expansive library in the Penthouse of this London clock tower looks like it was pulled straight from a Harry Potter book.  

Reduce and Reuse

Taking on a new kind of magic, the Whiskey Barrel homes in this eco-concious Scottish neighborhood were made from recycled materials in order to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Winter Wonderland

This majestic home was once a mission in Avondale, Nova Scotia. But it definitely gives off some fictional flare a la Charles Dickens (the blanket of snow certainly helps).

Snow-covered Oasis

Another home nestled in a wintery wonderland, this former Baptist Church in Furguson, Ontario isn't short on sweet storybook details.

Cinderella Charm

The quaint display in this historic Washington D.C. carriage house is so adorable, Cinderella herself couldn’t have done a better job (despite the extra help from birds and mice!)

Classic Chic

The carriage home perfectly blends industrial and rustic design, with a touch of renaissance charm. (But seriously, did that one portrait's eyes just move?)

Hidden Passageways

This quirky kitchen boasts not just one, but two secret doors—leading to a powder room and office. If that’s not the stuff storybooks are made of, we don’t know what is.

More Secret Doors!

The living room of this San Antonio house, which was build as a warehouse in 1883, boasts another of the many secret doors scattered throughout the home.

Lovely Lodge

Over the river and through the woods, to this former hunting lodge we go. While maintaining the design details of this classic structure, the homeowners successfully brightened up the space and transformed it into a lovely home.

New Type of Nesting

The creative owner of this uber sweet abode likes to call it her "nest." For her, it's a place to collect, make, and trade artwork. How magical!

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