25 Dramatic Before-and-After Makeovers From Drew and Jonathan Scott

The Property Brothers prove they are a force to be reckoned with as they repeatedly turn horrible rooms into functional, stylish spaces. We count down 25 of their most stunning makeovers.
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September 25, 2015
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Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Christine Wilson

Photo By: Shane O'Neal

Photo By: Larry Hanna/AP images

Photo By: Shane O'Neal

Photo By: Larry Hanna/AP images

Photo By: Shane O'Neal

Photo By: Larry Hanna/AP images

Photo By: Sarah Christine Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Christine Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Christine Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Christine Wilson

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Photo By: Larry Hanna/AP Images

Photo By: Jim K. Decker

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

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Photo By: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Photo By: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Before: Too Much Furniture

In an attempt to use a medium-sized space for a kitchen, dining room and home office, these homeowners have surrounded themselves with clutter and way too much furniture.

After: Smart Use of Space

The new kitchen features a beautiful new backsplash and gorgeous butcher block countertops. Drew and Jonathan painted the cabinets white in order to bright the space, and the desk area was removed to keep the kitchen and dining area more open.

Before: All-Brown Bedroom

The furniture in this bedroom was too large for the space, and the ornate dark brown style didn't fit in with the home's more contemporary look.

After: A Better Fit

In the updated bedroom, the furniture is fit to scale, while white walls and a lovely neutral curtains contribute to the room's more open feel.

Before: Sentimental Table

As seen on HGTV's Buying and Selling, this homeowner did not want to part with her grandmother's dining set. But in order to sell the home, the room needed a fresher look with more pizzazz.

After: Midcentury Makeover

Bright blue walls, a fun teardrop light fixture and an updated table give this midcentury modern space the style boost it was lacking.

Before: Boring, Beige Living Room

All-beige, matching furniture and no accent colors left this space feeling dull and cookie cutter.

After: Contemporary Chic

Drew and Jonathan kept the room mostly neutral with a coat of gray paint and a new tan sofa, but they brought in fun accent pieces, such as the yellow throw pillows and floral area rug to liven up the space.

Before: Undetermined Purpose

Boring to begin with, this plain living room was made even worse with toys scattered all over the place and no real style.

After: Fresh and Fun Living Room

Wow! It's hard to believe this is even the same space. Blue walls and fun new window treatments instantly brighten the space, while a designated sitting area with colorful accents gives this room style and purpose.

Before: Almost There

This kitchen was not totally hopeless. But despite the nice cabinets and good layout, the entire room felt dated and in need of an update.

After: Bright and More Open

The cabinets were painted white to instantly brighten the space, while new tile flooring and a fantastic wine and coffee give the room a more modern feel.

Before: Spacious But Boring

This living room had good bones and plenty of space, but old furniture and a lack of style kept it from reaching its full potential.

After: Colorful and Current

Bright pink accents bring life to the space, while modern art, floral window treatments and updated furnishings bring this living room into the 21st century.

Before: Tiny Home Office

Before the makeover, this small space was used as a cramped home office with way too much clutter.

After: Serene Sitting Room

Too small to be a workable home office, Jonathan and Drew transformed the room into a cozy reading nook with a comfy chaise lounge and excellent lighting.

Before: Non-Designated Space

Toys, family portraits and a lack of furniture left this space as an unorganized catch-all room with no real purpose.

After: Cleaned-Up Clutter

Now, the clutter has been organized and put away, and new furniture creates a comfortable sitting room. Bright yellow curtains and bright accessories bring energy to the space. 

Before: Empty Courtyard

This empty courtyard was nothing special before the Property Brothers got their hands on it.

After: Stylish Outdoor Space

With a new wall color, a couple of designated sitting areas and cool outdoor decor, this courtyard is ready for guests.

Before: Big and Boring

Since they are turning this Las Vegas property into their own home, Drew and Jonathan prepare to give it their personal touch.

After: Asian-Inspired Interior

The boys filled the space with special collections, gorgeous new furniture and a jaw-dropping light fixture. Large-scale furnishings are a comfy addition that make the space feel more inviting and less foreboding.

Before: Too Boring Bedroom

As seen here, it's obvious that one of the bedrooms Drew and Jonathan's Las Vegas homes could use some serious sprucing up.

After: Warm and Cozy

Keeping with the room's neutral color palette, distressed bookshelves add warmth to the large bedroom. To fill out the space and give the room a homey vibe, a pair of pretty white chairs were placed by the window.

Before: Not Cute Cookery

Before the makeover, a hint of red was the only thing interesting about this cluttered cooking space.

After: Bright White Kitchen

By opening the kitchen up to the laundry room, both spaces have an airier feel. Beautiful white cabinets and much needed organization gave this room the bright, updated look the homeowners had always wanted.

Before: Too Bold Bathroom

For such a small space, the dark blue-green paint color was too intense for this bathroom.

After: Just Right Color Palette

A neutral wall color, gorgeous new black-and-white flooring and a vase of fresh flowers softens the look of this petite bathroom.

Before: Bland Beginnings

This "before" living room was way too dark, and the furniture was a bit boring. 

After: Trendy Retreat

Light blue walls and stunning new furniture give this room a more grown-up feel, while trendy chevron curtains and a fabulous pink rug are fun additions to the space.

Before: Colossal Bed Frame

This bedroom was the opposite of cozy, with cold tile flooring and a bed frame that was way too big for the space.

After: Well-Appointed Furnishings

The guys added a warm area rug to make the bedroom feel cozier, while a smaller bed with tons of colorful throw pillows is better fitted for the space.

Before: Blank Slate

As seen on Brother Vs. Brother, this living room was ready for a total makeover.

After: Entertainment Ready

Painting the brick fireplace white was the first step to creating this contemporary space, which also boasts delicate blue walls and a plush sofa with a gorgeous leather ottoman.

Before: Outdated Color Palette

Dated wood cabinets, an overwhelming yellow color palette and a boring tile countertop kept this kitchen in the 1980s.

After: A Whole New Kitchen

As seen on Brother Vs. Brother, Drew completely changed the layout and look of this kitchen with new cabinets, a beautiful subway tile backsplash and state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances for a look that is totally fresh and modern.

Before: Looking Blue

Before Drew's renovation on Brother Vs. Brother, this room was only characterized by a single bright blue accent wall.

After: Cozy With A Fireplace

Laminate flooring, neutral walls and a stunning modern fireplace give this master bedroom a very cozy look. Drew ditched the blue but covered on wall in pretty patterned wallpaper to add a bit of color behind the bed.

Before: Outdated and Awkward Space

This living room had some nice characteristics, like a large brick fireplace and wooden ceiling beams, but dated furniture and wasted space were doing nothing for the overall style.

After: More Modern Feel

The fireplace was redone for a more modern look, while two contemporary sofas look beautiful and make the most of the spacious room. A few new art pieces, as well as fresh flowers, give the room a homey vibe.

Before: Makeshift Office

This homeowner was using one corner of the bedroom as a home office, which left the entire room feeling cramped and overly cluttered.

After: Window Seat

To take advantage of the great view and keep the room feeling more like a bedroom and less like a work space, Drew and Jonathan opted to move the home office and create an adorable sitting area by the windows.

Before: Boring and Incomplete

A boring bed with no headboard looked unfinished in this sad space that lacked any decoration.

After: Feminine and Fierce

Now, an oversized tufted headboard takes center stage in this sophisticated black-and-white bedroom. The metallic nightstand adds a hint of glamour to this once-dull bedroom.

Before: Mystery Room

Possibly a dance studio or home gym in the past, the new homeowners plan to turn this mirror-clad room into a movie room.

After: Movie Night Ready

A mystery room no more, this fantastic cinema room includes a wall mounted flat-screen TV, cool navy blue color palette and a sofa so big the whole neighborhood could come over for movie night.

Before: Ready for a Change

A blank slate before the homeowners officially moved in, this living room was ready for the Property Brothers treatment.

After: Modern Update

The fireplace and built-ins were given a more modern look with clean lines and an fresh paint job. A huge leather sectional takes advantage of the spacious room, while a couple of vibrant red chairs add extra seating when needed.

Before: Dark and Narrow

Before the renovation, these homeowners had to keep their clothes in an awkward hall closet on the way to the master bedroom.

After: Connected and Convenient

Drew and Jonathan opened up the narrow hallway to better connect the room with the closet, which they updated with frosted sliding doors for a more modern look. Fresh white paint on the walls adds a cohesive look the the space and keeps the room feeling bright and open.

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