3 DIY Ways to Decorate Around a Television

Don't let unsightly technology ruin your aesthetic. Learn how to integrate a flat screen TV into your living room design, without sacrificing style (or your decorating budget).

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Photo By: Sam Henderson

Project No. 1: Rustic Pallet TV Mount

Turn your television into a farmhouse-inspired focal point by upcycling old wood pallets into a chic, rustic backdrop.

What You'll Need

For this project you'll need three wood shipping pallets, a jigsaw, a sander, indoor wood stain and sealer, a level, a 1x12 wood board, drywall screws, wood screws and anchors.

Step 1: Cut Pallet

Cut one pallet into two equal pieces on either side of the center support using a jigsaw.

Step 2: Prep Wood

 Lightly sand, stain and seal the cut pallet and the two full pallets.

Step 3: Hang Base

Using a level, attach the two cut pieces to the lower half of the wall, end to end with slats horizontal. Use drywall screws, wood screws, and anchors as necessary for security. This will create the base of the mount. Next, cut one long 1"x12" board to fit the length of the pallets, which will vary depending on length of the pallets used. Attach the board along the top of the installed pallet pieces, creating a shallow shelf (see next image for clarity).

Step 4: Install Remaining Pallets

Hang remaining two pallets (with center supports running vertically) above the shelf, securing with drywall screws, wood screws and anchors.

Step 5: Mount TV & Lamps

Mount the TV directly to the pallet wall using a TV wall mount. Light up the design by installing industrial-style sconces on either side of the television, running any unsightly cords behind the pallets' vertical supports.

Step 6: Decorate

Finish the look with simple, farmhouse-chic accessories like these faux boxwood topiaries.

Project No. 2: Faux Built-In Bookcases

Get the look of custom architectural built-ins without the commitment by mixing and matching store-bought bookcases and coordinating components.

What You'll Need

For this project you'll need a set of two tall bookcases, two coordinating wall shelf units, 1/4"x1-1/2" trim, finishing nails, wood putty, white paint and 3-1/2" molding.

Step 1: Assemble

First decide where you want to place the center wall shelf unit. Once it's placed on the floor, butt the two taller units up against each side and nestle the second wall unit into the open space at the top, fastening it directly to the wall. The four units should now form a square (see next picture). 

Step 2: Add Trim

Use simple, thin trim to hide seams and create a piece that looks custom built. Hide the meeting points by attaching 1/4"x1-1/2" trim with small finishing nails, sinking them in slightly and filling the cavities with wood putty. Once dry, sand the putty and paint to match. 

Step 3: Add Molding

To complete the built-in look, wrap the top of the unit in 3-1/2" molding, attach with finish nails and paint white to match. 

Step 4: Fill With Finds

Place your TV on its stand in the center cabinet or mount it directly to the wall in the center of the space. Fill shelves with your favorite book and collectibles, using chic baskets and boxes to store media out of sight. 

Project No. 3: TV Gallery Wall

A wall-mounted, flat screen TV fits right in with a gallery collection of your favorite photos and art while infusing your space with relaxed modern style.

What You'll Need

For this project you'll need assorted framed art, photographs and wall decor, craft paper, painters tape, finishing nails, a flat screen TV wall mount and TV console table.

Step 1: Create a Faux Design With Craft Paper

On a large sheet of craft paper, trace each piece of framed art. Cut out the traced paper and fix each piece to the wall with painters tape to get a visual of the gallery before nailing. Move paper squares around until desired look is achieved, leaving a blank space for the television. Distribute space between the images randomly, but evenly for a casual look. 

Step 2: Hang Art & TV

Hang your television centered above the console table using a flat screen wall mount. Replace each piece of craft paper with the art from which it was traced, hanging with finishing nails until gallery is complete.

Enjoy the View

When blended in with your favorite images and quotes, a television acts a gorgeous, functional addition to your media room decor.

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