Luxury Home Design From A to Z

Got a few million dollars to redecorate a room or add some amenities? Outfit your home with this alphabet of luxurious ideas from HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms.

A is for Aquariums

The saltwater aquariums in this kitchen cost more than $300,000 -- and one of them doubles as a bar.

B is for Boathouse

This million dollar boathouse contains over 30 boats.

C is for Casino

This high-rolling homeowner turned his rec room into a casino, complete with an authentic Vegas craps table.

D is for Diner

This palatial 50,000-square-foot home includes a classic '50s-era diner with actual booths and a serving counter.

E is for Entryway

A glass staircase and water walls make a splash in this home's dramatic entryway.

F is for Ferrari

More than $10 million dollars worth of vintage Ferraris are stored in this lucky homeowner's garage.

G is for Gym

Staying in shape is easy when you've got a two-story home gym full of pro-level equipment.

H is for Home Theater

This home theater, with its plush seats, is modeled after old-fashioned film palaces early- and mid-20th century.

I is for Indoor Shooting Range

For an added diversion, this garage conveniently doubles as an indoor shooting range.

J is for Jenner-Kardashian Closets

Walk-in closets always seem luxurious, but this one is even more so because L.A.'s hottest high-end closet designer, Lisa Adams, created it for Kris Jenner of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

K is for Kitchen

The kitchen in Santa Barbara's Glass Pavilion is as sleek and modern as the rest of the house.

L is for Library

The cherry and walnut wood paneling makes this library feel rich and opulent.

M is for Massage Room

What's even better than having an impressive home gym? Having a spa with a massage room right next to it, so you can soothe sore muscles.

N is for Network Gaming

Multiple game stations allow for solo or network gaming.

O is for Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor oasis of a pool area features a putting green and a kitchen.

P is for Pool

If the waterfalls and flame effects of this pool seem familiar, it's because it's meant to look like the pool at the Mirage Casino.

Q is for Quiet Meditation Room

This secluded meditation room is right off of the home's spa area. There's no place like om, right?

R is for Rock Formations

This master bath in Palm Springs has an amazing view of the natural rock formations that surround the home.

S is for Staircase

The grand dual staircase sets the tone for this home and greets all visitors upon entering.

T is for Terrace

The sweeping marble staircase, baroque columns and marble flooring all make this a million dollar terrace.

U is for Underground Passages

The cavernous basement-level passages in this home are meant to evoke a castle.

V is for Ventilated Cigar Room

This cigar room's ventilation system makes sure the smoky smell does not travel through the rest of the home.

W is for Wine Room

Would you guess that the total cost for this space was $90,000? You might if you knew that it was fully temperature controlled and can hold 750 bottles of wine and champagne.

X is for X-terior

The portico on this Ohio home is just as magnificent as its interior.

Y is for Yard

This Monopoly-like house has a remarkable view of the yard and English country surroundings.

Z is for Zen Living Space

The Zen tranquility of this space comes from the art and soft lighting.

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