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Love It or List It: An Intervention for an Ailing Midcentury Modern

Dave is a graphic designer and loves the lines and aesthetic of his authentic midcentury home. His wife Sonya, however, is less enthralled, and thinks of the aging "modern" house as a never ending fix-it list. Can designer Hilary Farr pull off upgrades that will make them both "love it", or will they "list it" in favor of a new turn-key home?
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A Living Space Reimagined: Form Follows Function

The midcentury design of this home incorporates an open floor plan but, prior to the renovation, the space felt disjointed and poorly organized. In Hilary's remodel seen here, distinct areas and elements are balanced and integrated to work seamlessly together and optimize function. 

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Photo: Anthony Collins

The Hosts and the Homeowners

David and Sonya (left) pose for a pic with hosts Hilary and David after the renovation is complete. David and Sonya both loved the home when they bought it, but after living in it for eight years, a number of problems had become apparent. 

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Photo: Adam Wamsley

Vintage '60s Split-Level Needs Some TLC

The home is situated on a large wooded lot, has a beautiful view from a back deck and the property backs up to a creek. Problems inside, however, include a leaky roof, a basement that periodically floods, a non-insulated lower level and water-damaged wood flooring.

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Photo: Adam Wamsley

Dining Area and Kitchen, BEFORE

David, a graphic designer, loved the feel of the home and thought its various problems were fixable. Sonya had begun to think of the home and repairs as a "relentless to-do list" that was monopolizing their time and money.

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