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Home Town: From the Big Apple to the Little Catfish

January 24, 2021

Ben and Erin Napier help a surgeon and his wife, moving back to Laurel from New York City, design an amazing family home while paying homage to the historic property's original classic elements as well as its offbeat period charm.

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Photo: Laura Good,Laura Good,Laura Good

The Ladd Project: The Backstory

A surgeon and his wife are moving bacl to Laurel, Mississippi from New York City. They enlist the help of Ben and Erin to find just the right home — and one within their budget of $380,000. "They're moving here from the Big Apple," says Ben. "That's pretty big. With that kind of money, you can get a lot of space here in Laurel." Considerably more, let's say, than in NYC.

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Little Catfish?

Erin and Ben ponder the notion of moving from the intense lifestyle of New York City to a quiet little town in the deep South. Ben wonders ... if New York is "The Big Apple," then what's Laurel? Erin, ever quick with the creative analogy, responds: "The Little Catfish."

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The Ladd Project, Before

The search ultimately focuses in on The Harry House, seen here. The Cape Cod style brick house was built in the 1970s by John and Carolyn Harry who were the sole owners and who lived here until just the previous year. The house is somewhat historic in that it was the first house built on this street. It's in a tucked away in a desirable location that offers privacy and a big yard. It's 3900 square feet, has four bedrooms, three baths and was listed at $240,000.

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Photo: Laura Good

The Ladd Project, After

The house gets a fresh new look with a bright white exterior, green shutters, new shutter hardware and twin brass sconces at the front entrance.

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