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Home Town: Room to Grow

In desperate need of a new home for themselves and their two daughters, Adam and Lily Trest enlist the Napiers in their quest for more space. After picking a new property, Ben and Erin transform their choice into a modern, spacious farmhouse.

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Photo: Todd Douglas/ Verbatim

How Sweet It Is …

Along with an impressive new reno, this project also included a very special headboard for Adam and Lily Trest. And if you couldn’t tell from the photo above, working together isn’t the only thing Ben and Erin love.

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Formerly known as the Eason House, guests were forced to trek through overgrown grass just to reach the front door. With a sturdy foundation intact, a new roof, railing, columns and vinyl cleaning are all desperately needed.

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Photo: Todd Douglas/ Verbatim


The exterior now features a metal roof, landscaping around the whole house, and new, chunky wood columns to replace the old posts.

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Meet the Homeowners

With two kids in tow, Adam and Lily Trest are in desperate need of more space. At their last house, Adam and Lily’s bedroom was located right across the hall from their daughter’s room. Fed up with sharing one bathroom and with an all-in budget of $200,000, the Trests are looking for a stylish, cool and artistic house with a big yard and a studio for Adam’s work.

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