Behold the Cozy Genius of 'Flipping Virgins' Season Three

Egypt Sherrod knows that her newbie renovators need to produce properties that have universal appeal and make potential buyers feel like they're already home. Viewer beware: You will almost definitely picture yourself living in these spaces.

Room for Thought

An awkwardly-placed laundry closet once dominated what’s now a fashionable, functional space. Styled as an eclectic office, it’s also large enough to accommodate a double bed with room to spare.

Bright and Early

Egypt played up every bit of this '60s ranch’s midcentury charisma by letting pop art — and pops of deep blue and vibrant yellow — inspire her design decisions in the master bedroom. In a space this irresistible, breakfast in bed could stretch on all afternoon.

Minimalist Master

Paired with dark grout and inlaid hexagonal flooring, these subway tiles sing. "Applying dark grout to simple, white, inexpensive tile can give you the pop you need to achieve a high-end look," Egypt said. The retro mirror and vanity lamp, in turn, lend this WC a boutique-hotel feel.

Dramatic DIY

The flanges, pipes and shelves Egypt sourced for the living room’s industrial-chic entertainment center rang in at just $500 and took a few hours to assemble. "Built-in shelving [adds] storage and architectural interest to this large space," she explained.

A Kitchen With Charisma

Minimizing interior walls gave this once-shallow house an entirely new feel. Now "you have a kitchen with character without losing counter space or cabinetry — the two big Cs that sell kitchens," Egypt said, "and you still have room for a family-size table and chairs." She swapped out tile for new hardwood flooring that matches the existing hardwood and used a dark stain to give the old surfaces new life.

High-Contrast Cabinets

The kitchen’s ample storage doesn’t overwhelm the room because Egypt chose to hang lighter cabinets near the ceiling, then grounded the space with darker options beneath the warm countertops. "[Two-tone cabinets are officially the rage because they make a great visual impact," she said.

Moody Blues

Red brick was all the rage when this ranch home was constructed, but it was high time for a face lift. Cornflower blue exterior paint, crisp white windows paired and a sunny yellow front door give it the modern personality it lacked.

Jewel Box

Why should master baths have all the bells and whistles? A small room like this guest bath is the perfect place to splurge a bit on finishes, since they don’t need to cover a substantial area. The dramatic tile Egypt used here is $13 per square foot, "but it gives a high-design pop on the floor," she said. Painted shiplap on the wall, in turn, is an easy, inexpensive DIY.

Mirror, Mirror

The fireplace in this Craftsman isn’t functional, but keeping it in the space to preserve the home’s character was a no-brainer. Egypt’s particular genius? Tucking an unexpected mirror inside to make the spacious living room feel even larger.

Thoughtful Details

Hand-painted tile flows down the hallway from the dining room and the kitchen into this multi-purpose space, where Egypt and her team updated the en-suite bathroom by replacing a battered tub with a modern paned shower and freshened up the cabinetry with more eye-popping yellow paint.

Work and Play

Getting down to business is a pleasure in what’s now a comfortable home office, where vintage accents perform official tasks and delight the eye. The room’s casual warmth adds to its versatility: With a few swaps, it’d be a comfortable bonus bedroom.

Bold Barn Door

Pairing this Craftsman’s original interior doors with a vivid new piece gives the once-gloomy hallway a burst of energy. "Although the rooms [here] aren’t huge, [this house] has an elegant functional design that can be modernized without too much trouble," Egypt said.

Sunny Space

Ditching this kitchen’s awkward peninsula and replacing it with a bright island that runs parallel to the length of the house opened it up for dining and entertaining. "The floor plan of the kitchen was an L shape," Egypt explained, "but it closed off the energy of the house. By turning the island this way, it draws you from the front door straight to the back."

Suite Dreams

Egypt made the most of this master by adding slim accents that preserve floor space: While the bed she chose is a queen, there’s easily room for a king here. Soft white walls pair beautifully with the honey-colored wood in the original floors, doors and trim.

Couple's Corner

Carving out space for a sitting area in a smaller bedroom is as simple as choosing a piece of furniture that makes the most of it. This love seat collects every last ray of sunshine that streams in through the windows between the his-and-hers closets.

Bright Bungalow

This once-neglected Craftsman is now bursting with curb appeal after Egypt’s magic touches. A newly-poured concrete driveway leads to a slate grey face with updated railings and original windows that sport a fresh coat of yellow trim. All of the home’s original personality remains — and now it’s front and center.

Looking Up

A frumpy popcorn ceiling and dim walls drained the life out of this sunroom. Scraping that texture away is time-intensive, but re-facing it with a new geometric pattern and bright white paint cost just $480 and made a world of difference. Real-estate agents at Egypt’s open house agreed: "A good place for cereal and a good place for wine," one said.

Sitting Pretty

Egypt created the illusion of an open-concept home in this property by widening interior doorways and unifying the floors with a pale, modern treatment. Feeling that flow the moment you cross the threshold is key: "You get all the natural light that’s coming through these windows now flooding to the back," she said. "It’s more of a wow moment when you walk through the door now."

A Bit of History

Egypt’s partners balked at the blush tile and tub in their property’s upstairs bathroom, but she knew that they’d see them in a new light if she made clever decisions with additional finishes. "That’s the color everyone’s going for," she said, "and as long as we make the right choices around it, it can become a beauty." Using a similar tone and antique gold accents in the sink area makes that original hue an ingénue all over again.

Tulip-Hued Dutch Door

In fact, Egypt felt so strongly about that blushing pink that she incorporated it in the rest of the home’s color story. The gamble paid off: This original feature now feels extra-special (and serves as an apt introduction to the dining room).

Bright Idea

A once-dated fireplace is now the den’s showstopping centerpiece, thanks to crisp white paint. Its neutral furniture takes on the tones Egypt chose in her accent pieces, which can change with the seasons and give the space a new look in no time.

Warm Welcome

Before Egypt arrived, this Sandy Springs home was an uninspiring sight. That delicate pink she deployed inside is working hard out here as well: Set against white brick, the entryway now beckons visitors inside.

Let the Games Begin

Split-level homes have an unfortunate tendency to swallow their basement-level spaces. Egypt rescued this den from the gloom by nixing its dropped ceiling and energizing the room with color.

Wonder Wall

This living room’s centerpiece caught our pro by surprise: Her first-time flipper, an interior designer, was inspired to create a massive reflective mosaic as a custom piece for the home. Egypt gave her props for adding a feature that would bounce light throughout the space.

Going With the Flow

An awkward wall with a spindle-barred window once divided the living and dining rooms (and trapped this home somewhere in the '70s). By swapping it out for a load-bearing beam, Egypt created a space that’s ready for anything — and more appropriate for the 21st century (sorry, spindles).

Delicious Details

Consider this a spice rack of Egypt’s best kitchen tricks: The paneled quartzite she chose for the backsplash adheres directly to the wall without grout, the leathered granite countertops hide fingerprints, water spots and smudges, the knee wall she created lets the space breathe without sacrificing valuable counter space and the luxury vinyl planks underfoot give a high-quality look at half the price of laminate flooring.

Inspired Upcycling

Egypt knew she wanted a special feature to punctuate this East Lake home’s downstairs sitting room, so she took her flippers straight to a supplier: "Reclaimed wood is very trendy right now," she said. "Cutting out the middleman means we don’t have to pay trendy prices." The 5/8" milled boards she chose ring in at a third of the price of mixed oak planks, and affixing them to the wall with a nail gun is a piece of cake.

Bespoke Breakfast Nook

This cozy corner is the end result of a lot of work. Egypt instructed her contractors to punch a hole through the floor and create a staircase to the home’s lower level, then coached one of her Flipping Virgins through building a one-of-a-kind banquette around the corner.

Less Is More

With oppressive walls on both sides, this former galley kitchen was unlikely to attract buyers’ attention (or party guests once homeowners moved in). Egypt knocked that unnecessary barrier down to create a stone-topped peninsula that doubles as a casual dining spot.

Private Porch

Once an unappealing entrance to an ill-advised rental unit, this sweet little sunroom now makes the ground-floor master bedroom feel extra-special. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the morning sun and a cup of coffee.

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