23 Incredible Room Transformations from Flip or Flop

From garbage-filled great rooms to bathrooms with holes in the floor, no renovation challenge is too big for Tarek and Christina. See some of the best before-and-after photos from flip projects seen on the new season of Flip or Flop.

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June 16, 2016

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BEFORE: 1980s Flooring

Grimy walls and outdated linoleum make this Garden Grove living room a ghastly sight for home buyers.

AFTER: So Fresh, So Clean

New flooring, a fresh coat of paint and stylish furniture staging transform this formerly uninhabitable living room.

BEFORE: Hole Lot of Issues

This bathroom was outdated, dirty and even a safety hazard with a giant hole in the floor. 

AFTER: Whole Floor

A custom shower with intricate tile details, new fixtures and new flooring to fill in the hole next to the tub pull together this renovated bathroom.

BEFORE: Garbage House

This bedroom with an interesting corner window was overwhelmed by left behind clutter and damaged drywall.

AFTER: Black and White Bedding

New drywall and a light color scheme create an enviable space for a guest room.

BEFORE: Ugly Tile Everywhere

If too much of a good thing is bad, too much of a bad thing, like the tile and backsplash in this kitchen, is really bad.

AFTER: Bold Backsplash

Renovation standards like new appliances and modern cabinets lead the way for this kitchen makeover, but the dark gray, brick pattern backsplash immediately grabs your attention.

BEFORE: Bulky Brick Fireplace

Instead of being the focal point of this large living room, the fireplace here is simply an eyesore.

AFTER: Sparkling New Fireplace Tile

New sliding doors, fresh paint and a stunning fireplace makeover give this living room serious California vibes.

BEFORE: What's in the Tub?

This bathroom came with a broken sink and mysterious substances in the shower before Tarek and Christina gutted it.

AFTER: No More Shower Sludge

All white fixtures and paint make the formerly scary shower stall an interesting focal point. 

BEFORE: Small Guest Room

Despite the boarded up window, the futon in this room suggests it was a bedroom at one point.

AFTER: Guest-Approved

Strategic staging in this renovated bedroom make it feel more cozy than cramped. 

BEFORE: Exterior Eyesore

Boarded up windows and neglected landscaping made this potentially gorgeous home look more like a condemned haunted house. 

AFTER: Green Goddess

New sod makes the freshly painted house's yard stand out -- for the better. 

BEFORE: Dark and Outdated Living Room

Underneath the garbage left behind by the previous owners are outdated tile and a monochromatic color scheme that make this room feel cold and unappealing.

AFTER: Modern Mantel

New hardwood floors and an updated fireplace give this living room a modern but cozy feel.

BEFORE: Office Junk

Tarek and Christina imagined this as an office space, even though there clearly hadn't been much work happening here. 

AFTER: Clean Office Space

The now decluttered office space gets lots of light, creating a professional nook for the new homeowner.

BEFORE: Dark Hallway

Outdated cabinets and lighting and slightly too dark paint make this upstairs hallway feel enclosed and cramped.

AFTER: Bright and Open

New flooring contrasts with the updated hallway cabinets and fresh coat of neutral paint.

BEFORE: Retro Bathroom Slider

A sliding door for a big bathtub isn't exactly what we'd call relaxing.

AFTER: Modern Shower Stunner

Tarek and Christina scrapped the awkward bathtub for this massive and super stylish shower.

BEFORE: So Much Beige

The beige exterior with brown trim does this interesting house no justice. 

AFTER: Pop of Color

Modern blue paint with white trim and a newly opened up entrance make this house nearly unrecognizable. 

BEFORE: On the Fence

The white picket fence and neglected landscaping make this house feel uninviting and out of place on its block. 

AFTER: Low Maintenance Bonus

Tarek and Christina not only gave the exterior a fresh coat of paint, they installed drought-resistant landscaping in front to up the house's curb appeal. 

BEFORE: Additional Woes

A non-permitted addition and a neglected backyard created major challenges for this renovation. 

AFTER: New Back Patio

Tarek and Christina traded in an ugly, non-permitted addition for a slick back patio and fresh sod for the backyard. 

BEFORE: Stairway to Nowhere

The rickety railing and carpeted steps on this staircase off the main floor is more of a farce than a feature. 

AFTER: Stairway to Heaven

A few simple upgrades like a new railing and wood steps take this staircase to the next level. 

BEFORE: Boring Kitchen Cabinets

There's plenty of space to work with after Tarek and Christina do a full gut of this outdated kitchen. 

AFTER: Modern Accents

Yellow pops of color in this completely redone kitchen carry the renovated home's modern theme throughout. 

BEFORE: Home Without a Heart

The fireplace with an outdated rock facade is topped off with a wood panel that distracts more than it attracts. 

AFTER: New Fireplace Facade

Staggered laminate above the fireplace brings a unique element to this totally transformed living room.

BEFORE: Vintage Pink Bathroom

The funky counter and color scheme in this outdated bathroom were not going to fit in well with the rest of the house's modern renovations.

AFTER: Back to 2016

Classic white fixtures and new neutral flooring bring this bathroom into the 21st Century. 

BEFORE: Log Cabin Living Room

Wood paneling covering every inch of this great room give off more of a cabin in the country feel than California vibes. 

AFTER: Gloriously Gray

Bright neutral colors throughout and a fresh paint job on the formerly dark and bulky fireplace create an attractive, opened up space for home buyers.

BEFORE: Bedroom Bummer

This bedroom on the small side needed some design love to make it feel more open and inviting.

AFTER: Sleep Tight

New flooring, a fresh coat of paint and strategic staging give this small bedroom the lift it needed.

BEFORE: Backyard Redo

Overgrown landscaping and an unpermitted patio cover mean lots of work for this renovation. 

AFTER: Grass Appeal

New sod and a light gray paint job give this home the TLC it desperately needed.

BEFORE: Awkward Kitchen Layout

The lack of countertop space in this kitchen keep it from being the functional hangout space it could be.

AFTER: A Fresh Start

Brand new cabinets and a countertop addition contrast well with the dark flooring in this kitchen rehab. 

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