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Howie Mandel Surprises His Tour Manager With a Complete Condo Makeover

With the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott, Howie Mandel remodels the outdated home of his tour manager and friend of 30 years, Rich. Sophisticated updates transform this bachelor pad into a space where Rich can easily entertain friends and family.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic. From: Celebrity I.O.U..

Howie Paterns With the Property Brothers to Transform His Tour Manager's Home

Howie Mandel, comedian and television host, and his long-time tour manager, Rich, don't have a traditional employee-employer relationship. Together they've navigated ups and downs, marriages, breakups and children. They truly consider each other family. Motivated to transform his best friend’s bachelor pad into a well-deserved retreat, Howie recruited the help of Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. “He’s had the toughest year,” said Howie of Rich. Last year his father passed away. Now not only does he takes care of me, but he also cares for his his mother and his daughter. He takes care of everybody but himself. I don’t know anyone that equals the goodness that comes with Rich.”

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Photo: Dennys Ilic. From: Celebrity I.O.U..

Howie Gets His Hands Dirty

The best part is Rich had no idea the makeover was going down. Howie had Rich's girlfriend take him out of town, so Drew and Jonathan had just three weeks to get the condo completely updated. To make the project move faster, Howie tapped into his former carpeting career and helped remove the original, musty flooring. He also helped demolish the kitchen cabinetry, paint and make critical design decisions. "Whenever you're frustrated, go into a close friend's home and just [mess] it up," said Howie.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic. From: Celebrity I.O.U..

The Living Room, Before

Rich’s condo was outdated and underwhelming. His beer can collections and old, rehabbed furnishings made the space feel like a frat house. While Howie was quick to acknowledge he and Rich are on on the road a lot, he said, “I’ve never been invited over. He’s never felt at home in his condo, even though he’s lived here since his divorce 15 years ago.”

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Photo: Dennys Ilic. From: Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott and Celebrity I.O.U..

The Living Room, After

Howie loves pranking and surprises, but this transformation is no joke. Modern furnishings replace old, hand-me-down accessories. A leather couch faces a new fireplace and offers Rich a sophisticated area to kick back and watch television. The designers make the most of the height of the living room by installing long, gray curtains for privacy. The scale of the room also made it possible for oversized accents, like the paintings behind the couch and a large, lush houseplant.

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