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Lisa Kudrow Surprises Her Cousin with a Chic, Pet-Friendly Condo Remodel

Lisa Kudrow and the Property Brothers deliver awesome updates and high-performance finishes to this pet-friendly condo in season 3 of Celebrity IOU. To celebrate her cousin and soul-sister, Thea, Lisa tackled everything from tile demo to building a creative cat tower.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

The Team Transforms Thea’s Condo Into a Pet-Friendly Paradise

Lisa Kudrow’s cousin, Thea, was overdue for some good news. After both of Thea's parents passed away suddenly, Lisa wanted to make sure Thea knew she was loved. Renovating her outdated condo was the perfect gift. “Thea has spent the last few years navigating loss," said Lisa. "She needs a soft place to land. She loves her home. It has so much light, but it needs some updates." Thea channeled her grief in meaningful ways. Namely by caring for abused shelter pets. "She’ll want her home to be pet-friendly,” Lisa added. “She needs a functional space that’s safe and comfortable for the pets she loves.” Together, with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, Lisa sets out to remodel her cousin’s living room, dining room and outdoor patio.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

The Living Room, Before

Well-curated collections adorned the condo, reinforcing how meaningful art and culture and vintage aesthetics are to Thea. The design team sought to retain her eclectic taste while adding modern style and function. The team took no shortcuts making the space pet-friendly while also tying in unique memorabilia.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

The Trio Joins Forces to Demo Dated Tiles

The flooring in Thea's condo was uneven and outdated, and Lisa knew Thea wouldn’t be sad to see it go. By removing the floor tile and the tile surrounding the fireplace hearth, the designers and Lisa were able to update the finishes in the home with modern, pet-friendly alternatives.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic, Dennys Ilic, Dennys Ilic. From: Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott.

The Living Room, After

The bros incorporated the most sentimental art pieces into the redesigned living room, including sheet music signed by Thea’s dad, the former conductor of the Oakland Symphonic Orchestra. The updated fireplace features a smaller hearth and a roman clay finish. A new mantle is installed over the fireplace. Luxury vinyl flooring (perfect for pets) replaces the dated tile throughout the living room.

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