Here’s What You Can Look Forward to on This Season of ‘Celebrity IOU’

Celebrity IOU is a tear-jerker, in the best possible way. We join the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, as they venture to Los Angeles, to help Rebel Wilson transform her best friend’s backyard, and to Chicago, where comedic actress Melissa McCarthy gets emotional, talking about the relentless giving spirit of her aunt and uncle. From Academy-award nominee Jeremy Renner’s super impressive design skills (a man of many talents!) to watching Viola Davis bear hug her bestie and redo her office sanctuary… Celebrity IOU is exactly the feel-good television you need right now.

April 22, 2020


Photo By: Dennys Illac

Photo By: Dennys Illac

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images

Photo By: Dennys Ilic

Dreadfully Outdated

Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy revamps houses in her own spare time, so she knows a thing or two about remodeling. When she tackles the job of updating the home of her Uncle Jim and Aunt Connie, she shows off her demolition skills as well. Plus, it’s always fun to watch the Property Brothers try and limbo under an exposed pipe, right after Jonathan delivers the hard truth in admitting, “this kitchen is hideously terrible.” Not for long!

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Let There Be Light

A sea of green carpet and green tile flooring is how McCarthy described her aunt and uncle’s existing kitchen and living room. However, her keen, artistic eye proves useful for the updates, which included knocking out a wall to expand the space into one, functional open floorplan. She chose lacquered brass and deep green cabinetry in the kitchen, a herringbone pattern for the wood floors, and a traditional, iron chandelier to hang above the dining table.

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Brick Be Gone

Acting is hard work, but so is Demo Day. Perhaps in Melissa McCarthy’s next role, she should play a demolition expert? She definitely tackled this outdated, brick fireplace.

Viola Swings A Sledgehammer

On How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis frequently shocks us with her ruthless brilliance as law professor Annalise Keating. She was no less impressive and dangerous on Demo Day, when she took out the walls of her best friend’s kitchen with a very serious sledgehammer. Speaking of serious, we learn that Viola’s famous tough expressions in her role are actually a trick she learned from her father, Dan Davis. When the Property Brothers try out their own steely expressions … well … it’s a pretty funny fail.

Like Sisters

These expressions say it all. There’s no question how close Viola Davis is with her best friend, Michelle. The two have known each other since attending the Juilliard School for performing arts, and even though they don’t live in the same state, these “sisters” stay in close contact.

Crafting Design for Hobbies & Hard Winters

Sleek, stunning functionality is everywhere in this updated living room, with engineered hardwood floors and new windows to keep up with the intense Minneapolis winters, and a new fireplace, flanked by a custom record drawer and a custom turntable cabinet. It’s a modern way to keep Michelle’s beloved hobby organized and serviceable.

Prepare the Power Tools

Not one to shy away from comedic drama, Rebel Wilson arrives, alongside the Property Brothers, in a gigantic construction truck to save her best friend’s yard — or, lack thereof. The episode packs in a lot of heavy machinery — from the trio navigating an excavator to jackhammering concrete … to some very tense moments with a crane and a swinging metal swimming pool that nearly takes out a powerline. It’s all in a month’s work for Jonathan and Drew. The result of this Los Angeles backyard has to be seen to be believed.

The Barren Backyard

Rebel Wilson wasn’t kidding when she said her best friend’s yard needed help. The lack of landscaping, surrounding concrete wall and complete absence of foliage meant a true eyesore. The Scott brothers had their work cut out for them, with only a few weeks to complete it. Rebel Wilson throws them a hilarious curveball, insisting on a swimming pool to top it off. From dust and weeds to boutique-hotel-worthy oasis, this renovation is a jaw-dropper.

An Envious Result

“She was my first American friend,” Rebel Wilson says of her best buddy, who spent all her hard-earned money purchasing a home, with none leftover for the yard. It’s hard to believe the transformation, from dry, dusty, concrete wasteland to one of the most stunning designs the Property Brothers have ever pulled off. The result includes four separate spaces, from a gated posh parking pad, to chic patio, followed by a dining area, complete with an outdoor grill and pergola, to a swimming pool.

Mirror, Mirror … Get Off the Wall

The 1970s were a great decade for music and for movies. Unfortunately for Valerie Cearley­­ — mother of action film superstar and Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner­­ — the ‘70s were a pretty tacky time for interior design. She has no idea that the 1970s condo she purchased is getting a full, gut makeover. There’s a new bedroom, a sparkling, modern kitchen and gorgeous tile floors, but, first, this crazy mirror wall has got to go.

A Keen Eye

A natural eye for design, honed through his own house-flip projects, made Jeremy Renner an easy client for the Scott brothers. Mom Valerie Cearley moved to California to be closer to her grandkids, and their presence was taken into consideration to create a space both elegant and kid-friendly.

Kitchen Fancy

This was no minor project, and duct work, electrical and support beams were all part of five hard weeks of work. The resulting kitchen, with two-tone cabinetry, brushed brass hardware and porcelain countertops, was all due to Jeremy Renner’s thoughtful, creative decisions for an interior he knew his mom would love. It works to marry tradition with glossy, editorial style. We love the moment when he asks her, “How do you feel?” The answer is, “Fancy!”

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