32 Design Tips We Learned From the Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott have helped hundreds of people transform dated properties into dream homes on Property Brothers and Property Brothers: Buying +Selling. Along the way, they've picked up endless helpful hints and ideas to make it easier and more cost-effective. Here are 32 brother-inspired tips to make your transformation a success.

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July 14, 2016

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

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Photo By: Darren Goldstein

Photo By: Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

Photo By: Darren Goldstein

Photo By: Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

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Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Cineflix

Attention Grabber

Hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers and Property Brothers: Buying + Selling know how a carefully-chosen backspash can serve as a focal point in a kitchen. So, pick wisely when redoing your tiles.

All in the Details

Pay attention to the smallest details. Something as simple as choosing Edison bulbs instead of regular ones can add extra personality to a light fixture or chandelier. 

Bright Accents in Neutral Spaces

This room, filled with neutral hues in gray and brown, seems anything but dull. The key? Sunny yellow accents, like the painted cabinet, throw pillows and fresh flowers. 

Accessory Switch-Up

It's easy and affordable to change the style of a room by swapping out different colored accessories. A red vase one day, a yellow teapot the next. The lightly-colored backsplash welcomes any color to the room.

Well Thought-Out Shelving

Carefully appointed shelving makes all the difference, so style them as you would any other location in the home. Consider using a mix of books, plants and pieces of art. And most importantly, don't overcrowd and always leave breathing room. Here, the brothers opted for a cohesive color palette — grays, white and orange — to tie the look together.  

Modern Warmth

An updated and modern fireplace can add a touch of style to any room. When lit, it adds mood, as well as warmth.

Stylish Seating

In a neutral-toned room, a small burst of color, like these crimson chairs, makes all the difference. When on a budget, recovering furniture is an easy DIY task. It will change the entire mood of the piece and make the room more fun.

An Inviting Bedroom

An unmade bed and sloppy bedside table make for an embarassing room, not a showplace. Take note from Drew and Jonathan and keep your bed tidy, side table lamps lit and fresh flowers displayed to make the bedroom another space in the house that you'll want to show off.

Play in Style

Many think an area for kiddo play means an uninviting, style-free space (read: a disaster zone.) Not so! A playroom can be kid-friendly, as well as stylish, thanks to organized shelving, cute toy boxes and colorful seating.

Differences That Work Together

A mix of colors and textures, as seen with this clear lucite table, turquoise metal chair and woven floor poufs, adds interest to a room. Don't get stuck using all one color and all matching items. Blending pieces shows a room's personality, as well as yours.

Spa-Worthy Bathing

Bathrooms don't have to be neutral. Design yours to mimick one you'd see in a fancy spa or hotel, so even when at home, a serene place for unwinding at the end of the day awaits.

A Rustic Touch

Adding rustic items, like these salvaged doors, to a modern style gives an interesting mix of old and new to a room. These doors separate the living room from a sunroom, while leaving enough breathing space thanks to screened windows.

Well-Lit Subject

Adding overhead lighting to shelving is an easy and affordable way to add a ton of impact. Not only does the entire room feel brighter and bigger thanks to the lights, the shelving also shines as a focal point of the room.

A Flooring Investment

New flooring is worth the investment. New hardwood floors, as seen here in an episode of Property Brothers, give a classic feel to a room and will last for decades, not to mention will coordinate with any style and color scheme.

New Fixtures

Host Drew Scott hangs a new chandelier on an episode of Property Brotehrs. Whether you prefer modern or classic, changing out lighting fixtures is a quick way to change the entire feel and style of a room.

Throw in New Pillows

Opt for a neutral-toned couch, in beige, gray or cream tones, and change up the throw pillows. Change them seasonally, with the holidays or as the mood strikes, to give the room a different feel.

Simple Color Choices

Pick a color, any color. Once you do, decorate the room in different shades of the one hue, in this case, basic black (that feels anything but basic). This technique tends to really succeed with shades of black and gray or white and ivory.

Never Enough Storage

One thing people always want more of is storage. When redoing a home, use your space wisely by adding storage in laundry closets, with additional cabinets or by stacking the washer and dryer.

Eclectic Touches Work

When redoing a home, don't reign in your own personality. From the laquered turquoise chairs to the gilded antlers on the wall, this quirky style not only works, it also shows the fun style of the homewoners.

Small Space Tricks

In a home with less square footage, oftentimes rooms have to serve many purposes. A dining area can house a corner desk for work, for example, and a bedroom can boast a workout machine for exercise. 

Style Every Space

Don't forget that rooms that are often hidden away from guests can still be fun. Make your mudroom, laundry room and even pantry and closets shine, as does this room with a super fun backsplash.

Recycling Style

One thing learned on Property Brothers is that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Take these old barn doors. No longer functioning on a barn, they add both character and function to this closet space.

Backsplash Simplicity

A white tile backsplash might seem dull or basic in a kitchen. Not so! Keep your backsplash simple, and then the other items and appliances in the space will stand out.

Have a Seat

To make a living room both functional as well as cozy, you want to make sure there is enough seating for family and guests. Add floor poufs to the expected couch and chairs, not only to add more seating, but also for additional style.

Savvy Stools

Coral-colored barstools change the entire feel of this modern kitchen. Skip the basic wooden stools, and opt for a spash of color to make a kitchen more interesting.

Memorable Small Spaces

Don't overlook small spaces. Just because a washroom is tiny, it doesn't have to be basic or boring. Choose modern fixtures, a bold wall color and simple touches to add to a diminuative bathroom.

Coffee Table Accents

While a coffee table is the given space to set drinking cups and remote controls, it can also be a place to add a touch of character. A colorful tray with art books and a succulent or piece of art can transform a table from drab to fab.

Creative Organization

Throwing out any old bowl for the pet food works, but it can be an eyesore. When redoing a home, plan for your four-legged family members, like with this pet storage cabinet and hidden away drawer for food and water bowls.

Room for Play

In a playroom, flooring is something to carefuly consider. It needs to be durable and easy to clean. So, think tile, hardwoods, or colorful, yet easy-to-clean carpeting.

A Fresh Touch

Fresh flowers are an afforable way to add a huge impact. Looks for affordable options like alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, carnations or daisies and bunch in one hue. By a bedside table, in a bathroom or on a dining table, these stems add style (without breaking the bank.)

Pick a Wall

Choosing one wall to accent can be a way to add personality, without overpowering the space. Choose to paint one wall a bright color, make it a one big chalkboard or add a custom mural. 

Styling with Wood

Raw wood can easily be salvaged and used in many ways in a home, including as a mantel over a fireplace. Mixed in a modern setting, it adds an earthly quality that adds depth and texture.

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