Rajiv Surendra

Rajiv Surendra was born and raised in Toronto, and now lives in New York City where he runs his calligraphy business, Letters In Ink. He enjoys spending his time pursing a variety of artistic pursuits, many of which have deep roots in historic trades.

You can read more about Rajiv's journey in his memoir, The Elephants in My Backyard.

Rajiv's Latest Videos

The art is in the process. Rajiv teaches you how to bind a book, make your own hand-marbled paper and more.

Tour Rajiv Surendra's New York Apartment

Explore actor, artist and writer Rajiv Surendra's home in New York, an apartment that he Marie Kondo-ed into a creative haven filled with antique collections and hand-drawn chalk art.
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Episode 32: Rajiv Surendra

Rajiv joins host Marianne Canada to talk about why we should wear our good clothes and use our fine china every single day.

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