10 Things You May Not Know About Jonathan Scott

He used to be a magician!

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We all know and love Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers, as well as various other HGTV shows, including Buying and Selling and Brother vs. Brother. Over the years, we’ve learned quite a bit about his design style, love of plaid shirts and his personality as a whole. But there’s so much more to know about the 42-year-old contractor. To help you get to know him just a little bit better before the newest season of Property Brothers: Forever Home airs, we rounded up 10 fun facts you might not have known about Jonathan.

Jonathan is older (and taller) than Drew.

Despite not looking exactly the same, Jonathan and Drew are identical twins. That said, Jonathan is actually four minutes older than Drew, not to mention an inch taller. And to be clear, he doesn’t just look tall on TV. In real life he stands an impressive 6-foot, 5-inches tall.

He’s Canadian.

Jonathan might be beloved in America, but he’s actually Canadian. He grew up with his brothers and parents in Vancouver, British Columbia.

And of Scottish descent.

While the Scott brothers grew up in Canada, their father is Scottish. He immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland as a teenager, and the family returns to Scotland regularly. And, when Jonathan can’t make the trip, he embodies the Scottish spirit with his traditional kilt and bagpipes.

He has another brother.

So often people think that Drew and Jonathan Scott are the only Scott brothers, but there's actually a third brother, JD, who is two years older. Also known as the third Property Brother, JD considers himself to be a “travel [and] tech enthusiast”. What’s more, according to Distractify, he’s also held stints as a writer, actor and producer.

Jonathan grows his own vegetables.

While living in Canada, Jonathan and his brothers grew up on a farm. He was raised to know how to grow his own veggies and feels strongly about equipping people with the knowledge and resources to do the same. That’s why he teamed up with the Million Gardens Movement—“to help make it possible for one million families to get a Little Green Garden to start growing fruits and veggies — whether it be in a backyard, a window box, or a fire escape. Growing food is fun and easy!” he exclaimed on Instagram.

He was a magician before getting on HGTV.

It’s clear that Jonathan is always prepared with tricks up his sleeve while working on houses. Before becoming a contractor, he actually studied magic! So much so, in fact, that he lives in Las Vegas and has performed at famous venues there—like Laugh Factory—numerous times.

He’s dating Zooey Deschanel.

Ever since Jonathan met Zooey Deschanel on the set of Carpool Karaoke in September 2019, he’s been head over heels for the actress. A month after they met, he made their relationship Instagram-official by posting a picture with Zooey to his grid. Then, when the pandemic hit, the two chose to spend their time in quarantine together, which Jonathan said he was very thankful for—in part thanks to Zooey's culinary skills.

"I kind of struck gold because quarantining with Zooey, she is this incredible chef," he told E! News in September 2020. "So, she makes the most fantastic meals every day. She also loves board games. We even did a virtual escape room the other night, which was a lot of fun. ... [She has] what I had been looking for in a person for years and years and years."

He has two dogs.

Jonathan loves his dogs—Gracie and Stewie—so much that not only do they regularly make appearances on his Instagram feed, they also appear in his wardrobe. No, really: He has a shirt printed with their faces all over it. Considering his height, some people find it interesting that Jonathan picked such tiny dogs to be his fur babies, but he has a reason.

“I grew up on a ranch,” he explained in an interview with Modern Dog Magazine. “We always had big dogs. Labs and even a 200-pound Rottie. However, with my lifestyle, you need to have a dog you can take with you. So my first dog was a Yorkie. His name was Gizmo and he was only 2.5 pounds. Unfortunately, he was fragile, and he passed away. But, before he died, he totally opened me up to small dogs. He was one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. Shortly after Gizmo, I got Gracie. I like having two dogs, it lets them bond. Then, I got Stewie. I brought Gracie with me to check out our options, and she wouldn’t socialize with anyone but Stewie. They were instantly inseparable.”

Halloween is one of his favorite days of the year.

Take one scroll through Jonathan’s Instagram page and it’s clear to see that he’s a big fan of Halloween. Over the years, he’s gone all out and dressed up as Buddy the Elf (particularly fitting given Zooey's role in Elf), a ventriloquist, a zombie, Han Solo, Batman and Harry Potter—and that’s just recently. Here’s hoping he brings all of his creativity to his 2021 costume.

In addition to all of his shows, he has a documentary.

Jonathan might be on more than half a dozen HGTV shows, but he’s also a filmmaker. In fact, he released his first documentary, Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip, in November 2020. “My hope is it helps us come together and work for a better energy future for all,” he wrote on Instagram when announcing the documentary’s release.

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