New York City Studio Apartment Maximizes Functionality While Minimizing Clutter

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry provides ample storage while serving as a base for a lofted bed area in this 330-square-foot NYC studio apartment. Minimalist furniture meets the needs of the homeowner without cluttering the home.

Photo By: Todd Davis

Photo By: Todd Davis

Photo By: Mark Hartman

Photo By: Todd Davis

Photo By: Todd Davis

Studio Apartment Living Area Minimizes Clutter, Maximizes Space

The kitchen and living space in this 330-square-foot New York City studio apartment is kept spare to minimize visual clutter and maximize space. The floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry provides storage, while a compact table does double time for dining and working.

Sleek, Contemporary Furniture Keeps Clutter to Minimum in Studio

Sleek, low-profile furniture with a simple color palette keeps the apartment from feeling cluttered. An oversized black-and-white photo helps balance the visual weight in the room.

Lofted Sleeping Area Opens Up Studio for Larger Kitchen

Stairs tucked behind a compact kitchen space lead to the lofted bed area. 

Compact Kitchen Doubles as Base for Lofted Bed in NYC Apartment

A sleek, compact kitchen doubles as the base for a lofted bed area. Cabinets extend to the ceiling to provide as much storage as possible.

Lofted Bed in Studio Apartment

The bed is lofted above a studio apartment to keep from taking up precious space in the living area. Built-in shelving provides a storage space for books and other personal items, while a simple wall light provides lighting without adding visual clutter.

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