Todd Davis brings 25 years of professional experience as an architect for a wide range of private residential and retail projects. He and his team oversee all phases of design and construction on TDA projects from conception to completion.

Todd was born and raised in the Bay Area and established a passion for architecture at an early age with a variety of interests that have informed his design work including photography, sculpture, and furniture.

The contemporary design and detail of each project begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s program and budget. The specific site and context are analyzed to find a solution that is sensitive to the natural and built condition.

With a clear comprehension of the client’s expectations and site we present them with design opportunities to transform their ideas into built form. Traditional materials, such as wood, steel, concrete and stone are used in combination with state-of-the-art products to express the character of the architecture as a whole.

Natural light and shadows are used to express texture and shapes while bringing a strong connection to the exterior site. Throughout the design and construction process we strive to deliver the highest level of project management and service to our clients.

Todd Davis

Todd Davis

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