Since 2004, Sheila Mayden Interiors has been creating timeless residential interiors as diverse as its clientele. Whether it be a casual beach house for a family of four, a rustic rambler for a pair of empty-nesters, or a stately Georgian-style home in need of restoration, the goal is to honor architectural traditions, meet the practical needs of the client, and infuse new life into tired or undeveloped spaces.

In all of this a single, underlying philosophy can be found—that a home is a living, breathing, work of art, meant to be lived, played, and worked in; a place for entertaining, rejuvenating and making lasting memories. Good design should last for years to come and the sign of a well-crafted space is its power to inspire and enrich the lives of those who dwell there.

"While ever evolving, my personal style tends to be a carefree blend of traditional and eclectic influences. I love a playful mix of old and new, high and low, classic and trendy, practical and frivolous. I prefer things with character, quirks, and a bit of mystery over fancy or perfectly matched. When purchasing products for my home, it is not about where it comes from or how much it costs—only that it meets a particular need, adds a bit of fun, and provides visual delight. Warmth, comfort, livability, and a relaxed feeling of contentment are my goal. For me, well-designed, means well-loved and well-lived-in."

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