Growing up with siblings in a blue-collar family, we learned to make the most out of the things we had, from handmades to hand-me-downs.  As I grew older and started earning my own money, I recognized the value of a dollar even more.  I realized I didn’t have to sacrifice good taste to feel good about my surroundings, just get a little more creative.  I’ve always appreciated a beautiful space but it wasn’t until my husband and I bought a fixer upper in downtown Charleston that my true passion was unleashed.  I left my medical sales career to pursue real estate and interior design.  Over the past decade my sense of style has evolved with my greatest inspiration coming from what we already have, whether it’s a tree branch from a camping trip or a vintage find second hand.  I’m drawn to the warm colors and the varied textures and elements our beautiful Earth has to offer.

I believe our mood is directly affected by our surroundings. Just how a great outfit and accessories can make our day, a great space can do the same for our lives. Beautiful surroundings are for everyone and true beauty is what YOU want it to be. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to feel amazed by your home. The best thing in life is life itself, surround yourself with the space you love!

Sharon Payer

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Sharon Payer Design
www.sharonpayerdesign.com Charleston, SC 29492 843-478-0706

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