Sophisticated, Shimmering Bedroom

Designer Kerry Fidler designs a dazzling, sumptuous bedroom using a unique combination of grays and blues.
By: Jane Dagmi
From: Kerry Fidler
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Good Views All Around

Kerry Fidler designs this master suite's bath and bedroom to be open and blend effortlessly. He uses compatible neutral paint colors and installs handcrafted cabinetry to look like classic furniture.

Before: Uninspiring and Dull

The homeowners moved into this uninspired mishmash of color and scale. Nothing stayed, including the large window that was turned into a set of tall French doors.

Smoke and Mirrors

The mirrored wall not only appears to enlarge the room but also reflects the scenery outside. The homeowners loved the idea of bringing the outside in.

Work With It

The mirror dresser was one of the few furnishings the homeowners kept for the remodeled bedroom. Since mirrored furniture is essentially void of color, it's easy to integrate into a new color scheme.

Change of Plans

When the upholstered king-sized bed came in 5” wider than expected, the matching bedside tables did not fit. For the "her" side of the bed, Kerry decided to use a skirted linen table, introducing pattern into the room.

Dressmaker Details

A bibb layover detail on the custom-upholstered headboard protects the linen underneath. The overlay is attached with Velcro so it can be detached and dry-cleaned.

Mixing Old and New

A shopping spree at a local consignment store yielded a pair of vintage French fauteuils. The pieces were repainted and reupholstered with a contrast fabric on the oval backs.

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