Starry Night Cocktail Party

Looking for an elegant theme for your next cocktail party? Try a constellation design with rich blues, shibori patterns, natural elements and goblets of champagne.

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Make Floor Space

When throwing a party — whether it’s around the holidays or not — it helps to clear a little room for guests to gather around the food — since we know we all do it!

Tucking dining chairs against the walls and away in other rooms helps make meeting new people and navigating the snacks in the dining area easier.

Use Fabric to Set the Theme

Set the tone for a starry night cocktail party with a pretty wall tapestry or table linens detailing the constellations in the night sky.

Drink Station

Use a side table, bar cart or buffet to the best advantage by planning a drink station for guests. Creating a cocktail recipe that can be made in advance in bulk means more time for the host or hostess to mingle.

Don't Forget a Cute Garnish

Mixers, glassware, and ice should be easy for guests to reach.

Timing is Everything

Weekend parties during the holidays can have some stiff competition, so consider throwing a Saturday soiree. Friends can attend early, before other evening parties, and you don’t need to do a full meal service. Snacks, drinks and dessert will do.

Skip the Cutlery

By offering finger foods that can be made in advance, less time is spent in the kitchen during a party. Things like chips and dips, small pastries, and savory tarts offer cozy comfort food that can give guests the flexibility to eat with their fingers while they’re walking around, without needing silverware or a table surface. Check out these 10-minute-or-less appetizers >>

Custom Linens

When you offer finger foods, it’s vital to make sure you’ve got plenty of napkins available. Use cloth napkins to set an elegant tone. These hand-dyed shibori napkins are a charming addition to a pretty tablescape.

How to Make Shibori-Dyed Christmas Ornaments

Dress Up the Sweets

Sugar cookies dipped in white chocolate are an easy-to-eat option for dessert. Edible glitter dusted on afterward in a blush hue perfectly complement the indigo, blush and sage color scheme.

Cake With a Surprise

Nothing tops the delight of a hand-decorated cake with homemade charm. In a burst of color and sweets, an "exploding universe" cake yields candy inside when cut, making for a pretty memorable dessert.

Signature Cocktail

This starry night spritz, (cranberry juice, champagne and blueberry rock candy), is easy to prepare ahead of time so you don’t need to play bartender during the party. The blueberry rock candy changes the color to a deep midnight blue.

Zodiac Place Cards

If you do prefer a sit-down dinner party, a simple but charming place setting can be achieved with some things you might already have around the house. Glittery placemats can be pressed into service for the holidays in a neutral shade, and a simple wreath of eucalyptus around the plate can suggest holiday vibes without going overboard. Create name cards for each guest using stick-on rhinestones to create each person’s astrological sign

Party Favor Glasses

A fun parting favor for guests is a custom wine glass with their own astrological sign etched on the surface. Have friends RSVP with their sign. Print coordinating constellations on paper to use as a guide for an etching DIY. With customized glasses, your guests will never lose track of whose glass belongs to whom.

Get the step-by-step instructions: How to Make Etched Wine Glasses With Constellation Patterns

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