At Handman Associates, we believe that while an interior designer's good eye is critical to achieving that goal, an open ear will take a room even further. And so we ask questions. A lot of questions. All intended to understand the nuances of how you live - or how you want to live. That's why every project begins with listening to both the things that are said, and just as often, for the things that go unsaid. We believe this critical first step is the foundation of all successful interior design.

Under the direction of Managing Principal Shelly Handman, each member of our staff can claim that finely-tuned, open ear, along with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, experience, and always-reliable professionalism. 

At Handman Associates, we also believe good design is a theme with countless variations. Style is subjective; taste is personal. Still, good design will always incorporate comfort, warmth, timeless appeal, and an equal balance of both form and function. This belief is the hallmark of every Handman-designed interior. 

The truest testament to the success of our work is our clients themselves many with whom we have enjoyed years-long, and even decades-long, relationships. To us, those relationships evince the true power of good design.

Handman Associates

Handman Associates

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