Lush Outdoor Oasis With Flagstone Walkway and Waterfall

Beautiful landscaping surrounds this lush outdoor oasis. A flagstone walkway leads to an attractive koi pond with waterfall, and varying plant heights provide a sense of privacy and security.

Photo By: Clifton Gurley III

Photo By: Clifton Gurley III

Photo By: Clifton Gurley III

Photo By: Clifton Gurley III

Photo By: Clifton Gurley III

Photo By: Clifton Gurley III

Flagstone Walkway With Beautiful Landscaping

This flagstone walkway begins to set the stage for the backyard as guests meander along the side of the house from the front yard. Full of different textures, colors and focal points, the landscaping has plenty of places to stop and soak in the beauty.

Outdoor Oasis With Waterfall

A small pond is tucked in a corner adjacent to a flagstone patio with an arbor providing shade when it's hot outside. Landscaping is designed for little pockets of seasonal color to move the eye throughout the space. Arkansas fieldstone is used to raise the pond side 18 inches to allow the homeowner a place to sit and watch the koi.
From: Gurley's Azalea Garden and Gurley's Azalea Garden

Beautiful Koi Pond With Flagstone Walkway

A small cedar arbor over the gate creates an entryway into the backyard. By adding various plant types that bloom during different times of the year, the homeowners have a new experience each season. The dwarf mondo grass in between the stepping stones acts as a sponge to soak up any water left standing. Spreading juniper in front of the koi pond provides cover for the filter and pump compartments.

Beautiful Backyard With Dry Creek Bed

The raised beds were used to solve drainage problems the lot had. Stone walls allowed for screen plantings along the fence and have room to plant seasonal color in front of them to add some appeal to them. A dry creek bed with oversized gravel meanders throughout the backyard to catch all water runoff from the patio and surrounding beds.

Inviting Stepping Stone Walkway to Backyard

To give the side entrance a lush appearance and an inviting feel, dwarf mondo grass is used between the stepping stones, adding great contrast. The walkway leads to the outdoor living space, which features an arbor, comfortable sitting area and koi pond.

Outdoor Living Space is Surrounded by Lush Plantings

Created to be an escape from city life, the arbor offers a sense of security and comfort wanted in an outdoor living space. The private feel is designed by adding varying heights of planting displays.

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