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32 Gorgeous Garden Fence + Gate Ideas

Learn how to wall off your garden in style and help protect your garden from deer, rabbits and other hungry critters.

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Pick Your Picket

The right fence frames your garden in style, but it may also have to serve a purpose such as preventing deer and other wildlife from eating your edible plants and flowers. Finding the right style with the protection your precious plants need can be a challenge. For instance, a traditional picket fence gives any yard a cottage flair, but won't keep rabbits at bay. We’ve collected a wide variety of garden fences, all will add charm, and many will also provide a safeguard. Read on to find 32 head-turning garden fence and gate ideas in a variety of styles, price points and DIY friendliness.

First up, a timeless choice for any outdoor space. Choose a classic picket for your garden fence when you want a design that’s readily available and also super easy to customize with a coat of paint. Or like this picture-perfect fence, select cedar pickets and let your wood fence weather naturally.

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Consider Luxurious Lattice

A lattice fence evokes a sense of mystery, letting you catch a glimpse of the garden tucked inside. Add a rounded gate, and you get artistry, with curves and straight lines contrasting in eye-pleasing geometry. Planter boxes sit atop the fence, providing the perfect home for trailing plants like Supertunia petunias. To ensure plants in containers receive enough water, install drip irrigation or mix water-absorbing hydrogel crystals into the soil. This combination of fence with planters offers a gorgeous alternative for deer fencing.

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Add Industrious Appeal

White picket fences not your cup of tea? Give your garden a contemporary, industrial appeal with a weathered steel enclosure like this patinaed beauty. The durable fence works overtime, providing owners privacy from passersby as they tend to their raised beds while acting as an anchor for a dual-tiered potting bench.

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Install Privacy and Pest Control

Dress up a privacy fence with Asian-inspired touches, including a lattice topper to increase fence height without blocking the view. An 8-foot-tall privacy fence keeps deer out (they can’t jump that high) and prevents them from viewing your yard’s plant buffet. Even if deer smell tasty fruits and flowers, solid wood fence panels prevent them from knowing if danger lurks inside, so they won’t try to enter (even with a shorter fence).

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