Tropical Oasis With Tiki Hut

Craig Reynolds pulled together a dining area under a tiki hut, a koi pond and a bridge made from oolite and coral stone to create a tropical garden oasis.

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Stephen Dunn

Photo By: Barry Fitzgerald

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Tropical Landscape Design with a Water Feature, Bridge and Hut

The designer wanted to create specific rooms for the family to enjoy throughout their garden. The tiki hut became a tropical outdoor dining area with a dining table and chairs from Janus et Cie. The client also requested two more elements: a water feature and a bridge, which features oolite and coral stone.

Tropical Backyard with Koi Pond and Hut

A tiki hut, bridge and koi pond are key features in this tropical outdoor space featuring oolite and coral stone.

Tropical Water Feature

A water feature is an exotic element in this tropical backyard. The family and guests can dine under the tiki hut with views of the pond and koi.

Tropical Garden with Koi Pond

The water feature was added to help create the owner's dream tropical garden. The koi pond was built by StoneFish on a former parking area on the property. Oolite and coral stone were used for the pond and surrounding areas. The sculpture and planter are client's own.

Tropical Dining Area at Night with Hut, Water Feature and Coral Stone

The designer used a tiki hut to create a protected dining area that the family could use throughout the year. Since the water feature and bridge were such a big part of the family's request, it was important that they would be one of the project's main features. Oolite and coral stone were used for the pond and surrounding areas. The outdoor dining furniture is from Janus et Cie.

Tropical Stone Walkway

Landscape lighting in palm trees illuminates a walkway made of oolite and coral stone in this tropical yard.

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