As Folia Horticultural Designs CEO and master gardener/designer, Peter Norris does not start designing based on a plant list or what worked well on his last installation. Instead he begins by listening very carefully to your ideas, personal hopes, and wishes for your project.

Peter Norris develops a relationship with each client involved so that the landscape you create together becomes nature's gentle setting for the larger story of your life. 

But the relationship doesn't end when the new garden installation is complete. Thinking ahead, Peter's designs are also aimed at keeping the long-term costs of maintaining and enhancing the original landscaping investment reasonable.

Peter Norris began his venture in 1976 with his first design company P&G Plant Company out of Oregon. In 1980 he established his first nursery in Florida growing tropical plants and was very successful doing so for over 18 years. During that time, P&G Plant Company established a 30 acre Greenhouse/Nursery operation, which specialized in perennials and annuals production. In 2000, Peter opened Peter Norris Home & Garden, where he designed interior and exterior furniture and accessories, including many large scale garden elements that were produced all over the world. Peter has been fortunate to work up and down the west coast on both commercial and residential projects and enjoys creating successful landscapes and gardens that continue to flourish and ultimately bring joy to our clients. 

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Folia Horticultural + Design

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