An improved lifestyle. Although we sell various items, both tangible and intangible (expertise, labor, furnishings, plants, etc) DK Design's true product is the value these things add to our clients' lives. A DK Design outdoor living space is not just a collection of furniture; it is an intimate location for reading the paper, dining with family, or enjoying an evening cocktail. Likewise a DK Design fine garden is not simply a landscaped yard, but rather a unique destination, the reason for a relaxing stroll or the venue for an alfresco party.

DK Design provides residential and commercial clients alike with designs for fine gardens and outdoor living spaces. As our motto suggests, we not only encourage clients to enjoy living in the spaces outside their homes and offices but also to make those spaces personal, unique and extraordinary. DK Design specializes in projects that involve the complete makeover or a dramatic change to a space.

Combining an appreciation for both classic design principles and clean, contemporary lines, DK Design creates gardens and outdoor rooms that are marked by characteristics of simplicity, formality and definition. In an effort to blur the lines between indoors and out, DK Design merges functionality and beauty by designing exterior spaces that match their interior counterparts in terms of quality, comfort and style. Whether modern or traditional, understated or opulent, the goal of DK Design is to create sophisticated and inviting outdoor spaces for entertainment, escape and enjoyment.

Exterior designer Daniel Keeley is founder and principal of DK Design and has been designing outdoor spaces for 20 years. His work has won numerous awards and accolades and is featured regularly in various publications.

Daniel also lends his passion and expertise as a regular writer and blogger for several additional publications, including Northwest Arkansas CitiScapes, Arkansas Gardener and At Home in Arkansas.

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