Based in Sarasota, Florida, BORDEN Landscape Design is a locally engaged landscape design firm that prides itself with client interaction and satisfaction. 

The founder, a south Florida native, works primarily with residential clients in Sarasota, Vero Beach and Naples, creating exceptional landscapes to complete their home environment. Our focus is contemporary and modern homes as well as Mediterranean and historic structures.

Working closely with each client, architect, builder and contractor, BORDEN Landscape Design is able to translate a homeowner’s desires into a living reality.

Principal and Founder, BORDEN Landscape Design

Tim began his professional career in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale in 1997 working alongside civil engineers and understanding the significance of Florida’s most precious resource, water. Tim primarily focused on proper drainage and grading techniques that would benefit the surrounding landscape including the Florida Everglades.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 2002 in landscape architecture from the University of Florida, Tim was recruited to a design studio in Sarasota where he gained knowledge of the area’s rich architectural and cultural heritage, along with its diverse wildlife. He worked on larger planned unit developments and with local regulatory agencies but eventually fulfilled his desire for creating artistic and meaningful landscapes for individual homeowners by working with a local landscape design firm for nearly a decade. Tim’s design and project management contributions have lead to numerous recent awards received from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), as well as being featured in local publications. Last year contributing to 2014 SRQ Magazine’s Home of the Year and a finalist in this year’s 2015 Home of the Year.

After a wonderful 15 years of preparation, BORDEN Landscape Design was formed as the zenith of a lifelong passion for Florida design, architecture, landscape design and most importantly creating the sense of wholeness that the individual experiences when engaged in a personal, living environment.

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