We believe that when you live and work in spaces that inspire you, life is better.

We believe that your surroundings can motivate you to do your best, and make you feel good enough to do even better than that.

We believe that when your home or workplace reflects who you are, your visitors have a more positive experience, and develop a stronger bond with you.

We are committed to creating beautiful interiors, not just because we enjoy the challenges and rewards of our profession. We do this because we know that if everyone could live and work in spaces they truly love, the world would be a happier, healthier, more productive place.

At Barbour Spangle Design, practicality drives us, creativity feeds us, and collaboration is the essence of our process. It pushes us to discover new ways to make residential, commercial, and showroom interiors more comfortable, more beautiful, more functional, and simply more amazing with every project. Because we’re deeply involved in all three worlds, we understand the needs of each, and also how we can apply great ideas from each to any project. From materials to technology to aesthetic trends, we offer access to a universe of design possibilities, so we can create a unique, individualized space that genuinely works for you, excites you, inspires you, and helps you be your best.

Barbour Spangle Design

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