BAM Design Lab is a creative group designing environments that are both thoughtful and artistic. We seek to create spaces that inspire, move, or simply relax you. We firmly understand the impact interior design has on others even when they might not. Whatever your dream, whatever your desire, we want our passion and integrity to play a vital role in the design that dictates how good you feel and how well you live. We look forward to collaborating with you to tell your unique story.

Barbie Palomino


Barbie Palomino hails from the sunshine state where she grew up amongst her Grandmother’s pastel, plastic-covered furniture. These surroundings were the inception for her yearning to create functional, efficient spaces that still possess personality and ingenuity. She studied business at the University of Florida before leaping to the opposite coast for a stint at FIDM. Armed with a pair of degrees, she cut her teeth early and often with a few different reputable interior design firms and wore nearly as many different professional hats as the number of Pomeranians she has owned. Her tenacity and painstaking attention to detail only elevates her finely tuned artistic eye. Some may shy away from being called a taskmaster, but not this Boss Lady - she revels in it.

Annie May


A couple decades ago in Iowa, a diminutive Annie May had starry-eyed dreams of designing sets in the big city. Annie’s idea of “playing” back then was making floor plans out of hay in open fields, foreshadowing what lied ahead. Her love of the arts and writing propelled her far beyond the gates of Iowa State University and landed her a handful of positions in Los Angeles that were pivotal in creating a sturdy foundation for her design prowess. The more right brained (and some would say “the sweet one”) of the Co-Founders, Annie’s insatiable desire for international travel has served as her primary inspirational source. It has also provided countless connections with artisans local and abroad whose work is often included in BAM’s innovative aesthetic.

BAM Design Lab

BAM Design Lab

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