At austin Outdoor Design we strive to get to know our clients to the point where we can deliver an exterior space that expresses their personality and lifestyle.

During the consultation phase we determine what you want in terms of aesthetics, function, and style by simply asking you a few questions. The information we collect in the consultation phase about your backyard, living space, deck, pool patio, etc. serves as the data we use to develop the preliminary design plan.

Upon our presentation of the preliminary design we begin to move into collaboration. In this phase, the landscape design plan is refined by a number of influencing factors: your ideas, your families’ interests, the designer’s input, budget, and future plans for the space. Collaboration is what makes good designs, great designs.

During the conceive phase we iron out the details of the design by specifying construction methods, selecting materials, determining a schedule, and estimating construction costs. It is quite common for construction projects to break ground without any real plan or schedule. For this reason, we make every effort to develop a construction plan with the level of detail you are comfortable with.

It is our passion to see the landscape design plan become a reality. During the construction phase we ensure that the integrity of the design is kept in tact every step of the way.

As we break ground we determine what needs to be done to protect your property during material deliveries and construction. As construction progresses and draws to a close we continually work to maintain a clean work site. We know that a clean work site will enable us to ensure every detail of the design plan is executed properly. We also employ proper project management during construction for your peace of mind and complete satisfaction. We will keep you updated on our progress and will let you know if any situations arise that would cause changes to our construction process, methods, or schedule.

We believe communication is the key to success in this business and is what sets us apart from other Austin landscape design firms. In the end, we want you to have a final product that you enjoy and cherish.

Austin Outdoor Design

Austin Outdoor Design

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