Modern, Comfortable Master Bedroom

Designer Andreas Charalambous transformed an awkard bedroom layout into a modern retreat infused with warmth and comfort.

Photo By: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Photo By: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Before: Bedroom Without Balance

The master bedroom was a victim of the irregular layout and multiple ceiling angles.

After: Warm Modernity

To balance the irregular layout and uneven ceiling, designer Andreas Charalambous designs bookcases and a built-in desk in sycamore to create a consistent look throughout the bedroom. To disguise the varying ceiling heights, he creates a canopy bed in the same sycamore paneling.

Before: Outdated Furnishings

Dark, clunky furniture weigh down the room, making the space seem smaller and cluttered.

After: Sleek, Contemporary Style

The base of the platform bed gives the illusion of a bed suspended in space. Other elements, like the floating nightstand and glass shelving, add an airy and streamlined quality to the room, which also makes the space seem larger.

Before: Lack of Storage

Dark, outdated dressers don't provide enough storage and leave the space feeling cluttered.

After: Streamlined Storage Solution

Built-in cabinetry allows for plenty of storage space, giving the room a clean, modernized style. Accents of fiery orange add warmth to the sleek, neutral bedroom.

Before: Lifeless Entry

The entry into the master bedroom was uninspiring and outdated.

After: Welcoming and Stylish Entry

Dark hardwood floors ground the space without competing with the light sycamore paneling that fills the room. A contemporary chair makes use of the window nook and adds fun and interest to the space.

Before: Too Small Dressing Room

The dressing area was a tiny hallway on the way to the master bathroom.

After: Stunning Dressing Room

For the dressing area of the bedroom, Charalambous decided that the master bedroom could lose two feet in order to add an additional row of closets, which now allows for a mirrored niche with a seat for getting dressed. The existing closets are lined with floor-to-ceiling mirrors to make the space seem twice as big.

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