A Master Bedroom Makeover Under $150

Lifestyle expert Alexandra Hedin transformed a bedroom with a couple cans of paint, accessories from around her home and a whole lot of comfy charm.
By: Alexandra Hedin

Photo By: Alexandra Hedin

Photo By: Alexandra Hedin

Photo By: Alexandra Hedin

Photo By: Alexandra Hedin

Photo By: Alexandra Hedin

Photo By: Alexandra Hedin

Photo By: Alexandra Hedin

Master Bedroom Before

When we moved into our house, the master bedroom was dreary. The gray-green color on the walls, dark furniture and a lack of any color scheme or enthusiasm about the room whatsoever did not help with the general bleakness of the space. A makeover was desperately needed, not only for the room, but also for our attitude toward it! We spend loads of time in here but it was somewhere we never wanted to spend any time. The catch was, I had a budget of only $150.

Challenge accepted!

Use Elements You Already Own

To start, I dug through my in-laws' barn, my parents' basement and our own things to find furniture, rugs and fabric to create the new space. The color scheme for the room was influenced by an antique Oriental rug from my husband's family. I knew the enormous rug would end up setting the tone for the whole room but I didn't want it to make the room dark and stodgy. I chose to pull out a shade of pink from the highlights to paint the wall directly opposite the bed and a dark indigo for the dressing area.

Repurposing a Tablecloth

After choosing paint colors, I realized that I had a tablecloth in the exact shade of the new pink wall. The tablecloth had not been used in years and was in perfect condition. After washing and steam cleaning the cloth, I was left with several yards of fabric that were easily turned into a cover for our old wood headboard.

White sheets are so versatile because they are easily bleached, match everything and always look clean. Here, I paired them with turquoise-blue pillowcases to make the bed feel fun and bright — without feeling too childlike.

Play Up an Old Piece of Furniture

My grandmother had this secretary table in her house as long as I can ever remember. It was a family heirloom from the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. I have always adored the little desk, but it's a tad too small for actual work, so I turned it into a dressing table. The little nooks are perfect for holding jewelry, note cards and makeup. A pile of scarves, pearls and other jewelry finish the dainty look.

A Vintage Dressing Table

As the midmorning light falls across the dressing table, a simple bouquet of garden roses and the pink wall reflected in the vintage Venetian mirror capture the spirit of the room perfectly. I repurposed a garden stool for a seat. Because the garden stool tucks away nicely under the table, it never feels obtrusive.

Reorganize Your Space

Opposite the windows are two small closets and an awkward little niche. To create a space that felt intentional, I painted the walls Benjamin Moore's "Indi Go-Go" blue. Placing the dressing table on the same wall as the closets turned the space into a dressing area, giving the long space a purpose. Organizing a bedroom is just as tactical as organizing a kitchen. You place like items near one another to limit steps needed when getting ready. Here, it turned an otherwise difficult space into a purposeful dressing wall that keeps the rest of the room clear of the "debris" from the closets.

Create a Cozy Sitting Area

Choosing bright pink for a master bedroom is definitely a risky choice. I chose a shade of pink — Benjamin Moore's "Pink Flamingo" — that was imbued with enough blue to feel tropical and alluring rather than girly. The pink wall is directly opposite the bed with the pink headboard giving balance to the space and tying the two shades together. We discovered the chaise lounge while hunting through family storage spaces. This comfy chaise was a huge score and anchors the cozy sitting area. Hanging above the chaise is another family relic, a tabletop brought home from China. The color and motif mimic the rug, tying the look together.

Incorporate Personal Art

A few years ago I looked for an interesting way to create personalized artwork that didn't look like "personalized artwork." I was inspired after stumbling upon some silhouette art from my own childhood and decided to modernize the look for our bedroom. Silhouette art is ridiculously simple to make: I simply took photos of my family, traced them onto a painted canvas and filled the outline with white paint. Rather than choosing traditional black and white, I went with a dark brown shade to reflect the colors in most of the vintage furniture in the room.

Create Window Dressings

I love how custom draperies look in magazines, but they aren't my style and would definitely not work in our bedroom. I decided to go outrageously simple: I hemmed a piece of muslin fabric the exact size of the window and fastened grommets in each corner. I screwed cup hooks into the window frame and hooked the grommets to the cup hooks. When "closed," the fabric hangs straight down. To open, we simply loop the bottom grommets up to the cup hooks.

Make It Cozy

Above the bed I hung family initials — two industrial letter A's — to truly personalize the space. I salvaged them from a business sign, cleaned them up and hung them here as a finishing touch on our room that everyone in the house wants to spend time in now.

Total tasks:
- Pulled up the carpet and painted the floor
- Painted the walls and ceiling
- Re-covered the headboard
- Created the curtains
- Hung up loads of artwork!

Total cost:
- $130 in paint

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