8 Refreshing Cocktail Pools for Small Outdoor Spaces

One of the most inviting summer trends is here, so make room for one more in the cocktail pool that’s turning small backyards into refreshing getaways.

Photo By: Jim Cunningham for Morehead Pools

Photo By: Heather Knapp for Tranquility Pools

Photo By: Fotosold for Lucas Firmin Pools

Photo By: Heather Knapp for Tranquility Pools

Photo By: Jim Cunningham for Morehead Pools

Photo By: Fotosold for Lucas Firmin Pools

Photo By: Soake Pools

Keeping Cool in Steamy Summer

A trend born in the South, cocktail pools aren't for swimming, but rather for making steamy summers bearable, even enjoyable. As homeowners downsize into smaller homes, they want to retain cheery outdoor living spaces, including refreshing "cool off" pools designed specifically for smaller spaces.

Trading Space for Thoughtful Design

A smaller home means less time and money spent on care. While today’s homeowners are happier in less spacious homes, they want to hold onto the lifestyle that comes with a larger house, helping to fuel the trend toward thoughtfully-designed small patios and cocktail pools.

Making a Big Splash in a Small Space

"Bigger isn’t always better," notes Lucas Firmin, owner of Lucas Firmin Pools in Baton Rouge, LA. "Cocktail pools are the latest backyard trend, making a big splash in small spaces. These small pools make the most of space, time, and budget without sacrificing the elegance or features of full-size pools."

Size Matters

Cocktail pools tend to be less than 400 square feet and provide an ideal solution for homeowners with limited outdoor spaces. Sometimes called "spools" for a small pool that combines a pool and a spa, these cocktail pools often include heaters, jets, and benches. As a bonus, the smaller size makes cocktail pools more eco-friendly thanks to reduced chemical and electrical needs.

Less Stress, More Style

As homeowners downsize to better meet their needs, they are enjoying reduced time, money and stress spent on caring for indoor and outdoor spaces. Small pools offer the stylish allure and benefits of a refreshing full-size pool without requiring so much time for care and maintenance.

Effortless Outdoor Entertaining

"Cocktail pools are perfect for entertaining in small spaces and require less attention than a standard pool," notes Mary-Michael Woods, marketing director of Morehead Pools in Shreveport, LA. "We’re seeing this trend growing as homeowners' outdoor spaces continue to shrink."

A More Affordable Home Upgrade

Once called a plunge pool, another benefit to these small in-ground pools is affordability. Given the smaller size, less money is required up-front for installation. The pool also costs less to maintain on a monthly basis given the reduced need for pool chemicals and cleaning.

Cut the Cost of a Pool in Half

As homeowners spend more time outside, they can enjoy a gently rippling swimming pool while spending far less money. HomeAdvisor lists the national average for a full-size pool as $48,645. But Soake Pools quotes a cocktail pool sized at 7’ x 13’ as $21,750, making a cocktail pool less than half the price of a standard-size pool. So refreshing!

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