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Pet-Friendly Backyards: Stylish Outdoor Structures for Animals

These amazing backyard pet structures, from dog houses to chicken coops, are sure to please both you and your animal friends.

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Windows for Watch Dogs

Pet-level acrylic windows were built into this fence to give the family dog a prime view.

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Fire Hydrant Heaven

Don't have a big lawn for Fido? Fake it! The floor of this covered porch features faux turf and hydrants. (The lattice and bone design conceal an ugly air conditioning unit.)

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Photo: Tricia Messeroux. From: Cousins Undercover.

Cool Dog Hideouts

All bark, some bite: These backyard dog houses from HGTV's Cousins Undercover have a bit of edgy rockabilly flair.

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Dreamy Custom Dog House

This dog house, featuring a shingled roof and rugged trusses, was built to match its larger counterpart: Dream Home 2007.

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